F-Bombs Schmombs, R-Rating’s Schmatings: DEADPOOL Tops Leaving Highest Rated Beforehand Swimming


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Despite 84 F-Bombs and R-Rating Marvel Comic’s Deadpool Tops Box Office Leaving The Hangover II Swimming.

Deadpool is not only killing bad guys, he killed the box office and any Valentine’s Day “Boo” or “Bae” flick that came out and in its way.

The R-rated Marvel film opened at $12.7 million-taking over The Hangover Part II’s top spot (which reeled in $10.4million) Behind it was Fifty Shades of Grey-opening at $8.6 million.

Enjoy the movie without trying to keep and eye and ear open for just what made the movie rated “R.”



If you wanted a tally of just what words, phrases, made the Marvel comic movie “R” rated, weighing in with a

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