📌Microwaves Make Your Heart ‘Fluke’ & Food ‘Nuked’📌Proof That Facebook Really Is Making You Miserable 📌Cutting Back On Exercise in Winter Stores Cholesterol 📌Sugar’s A Gateway To Disease 📌and More!

  1. 📌Hit the sauna to cut risk of dementia
  2. 📌Oh the irony: 📌About 70 employees get sick after health department party
  3. 📌Savings, Longevity and the Year in Fitness
  4. 📌Top 10 Most Deadly Drugs In US
  5. My friend’s jaw would drop as in many a repeated jokes (that I seriously mean), I equate EVERYTHING people’s anger, frustration, inattention at offices and places of business you take care of business at, new age female to female heightened senses of envy and enmity, male to male heightened senses of bravado, senses of overinflated importance (and inadequacy) bad phone customer service, road rage and ALL to Facebook and social media. Whenever something (like those examples) happen in her or my world, I ALWAYS end it with: “See, the aint built for this new age sht. They gotta keep their a$$es off Facebook working themselves into worthless letting these people play with their sense of perception. and fcking with their heads and hearts”  We often laugh but I refuse to believe otherwise. (Yeah, I have to add this to my list of podcasts to speak on-it’s important). Until the, check out what this article says about it: 📌Facebook lurking makes you miserable, says study
  6. 📌You’re an Adult. Your Brain, Not So Much (refer to my podcast where I interject my spiel on the brain vs. the mind and where-as it pertains to this article-I firmly do believe in the scientific fact that the frontal lobe is not fully developed until after 27/closer to 30 and have often mentioned that in blogs…as a “pass” given for indiscretions not fully being all their ‘fault’).
  7. 📌Breathing modulates brain activity and mental function
  8. 📌Shortness of breath could mean potential heart failure, say researchers!
  9. 📌HealthyWatch: Active Cardiac Arrhythmia and extensive health monitoring from the patient’s wrist
  10. 📌Nurse credited with saving student who had blood clot near brain stem
  11. 📌After Brain Injury, Sleep Is Essential To Recovery
  12. 📌Scientists discover concussion biomarker
  13. 📌Delay in clamping umbilical cord benefits babies, U.S. doctors say'Lack of qualified workforce in abortion care' - BBC News
  14. 📌Texas Moves To Block Planned Parenthood From Medicaid Funds
  15. 📌‘Lack of qualified workforce in abortion care’
  16. 📌This May Be Why Women Are Far More Likely to Get Autoimmune Diseases
  17. 📌5 foods to fight a bloated belly
  18. 📌Types Of Uterine Fibroids And 6 Signs You Have May A Tumor: Women’s Reproductive Health
  19. 📌More Pregnant Women Are Using Marijuana, and Doctors Are Seriously Worried
  20. 📌Woman hospitalised after consuming adulterated ‘health product’ touted as diabetes cure
  21. 📌GOP Congressman Urges Self-Rationing Of Health Care After Obamacare Repeal
  22. 📌Health Exchange Enrollment Jumps, Even as G.O.P. Pledges Repeal
  23. 📌Trump’s Health Secretary Pick Favors the Rich, Not the Sick, Experts Argue
  24. 📌Female doctors have healthier patients, study suggests
  25. 📌Ten people to get NHS bionic eyes
  26. 📌’Amazing difference that little bit of light can make’
  27. 📌NHS to test experimental bionic eye implants on blind patients in ‘pioneering’ bid to restore sight
  28. 📌Man designs home he can control with his eyes
  29. 📌FDA suggests a cap for the maximum amount of lead in lipstick
  30. 📌FDA reports on lead in lipstick: How worried should you be?
  31. 📌New test can detect hidden hearing loss
  32. 📌New Israeli Method Fights Prostate Cancer
  33. 📌Scientists use stem cells to restore testosterone
  34. 📌Ebola vaccine gives 100% protection, study finds
  35. 📌Multiple sclerosis drug ‘a landmark’
  36. 📌Positive multiple sclerosis clinical trial suggests ‘unprecedented’ effects in relapsing form of the disease
  37. 📌Sex quality of life doesn’t have to decline as we age
  38. 📌Weight loss leads to improvements in psoriasis symptoms and quality of life
  39. 📌Stopping exercises in winter increases cholesterol storage
  40. 📌The benefits of having grandchildren: Grandparents can enjoy 5 extra years of life if they occasionally care for them
  41. 📌Women Over 50: Your Personal Checklist


  1. Soooo sugar is foods ‘gateway’ drug, huh? 📌Sugar is a toxic agent that creates conditions for disease
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  5. 📌Microwave ovens ‘fluke’ your heart while they ‘nuke’ your food – alarming studies reveal microwave frequency radiation can affect heart and blood