📌The Christmas Holiday Effect: More Fatal Heart Attacks, Here’s Why 📌17 Useful Google Products You Didn’t Know Existed 📌92 Die In Russian Military Plane Crash 📌Obama’s Spend XMas In ‘Escape’ Room While Blagojevich Awaits The POTUS’ Commutation Decision 📌and More!


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  9. The Christmas holidays sees a spike in heart attacks, but experts still do not fully understand the causes.📌The Christmas holiday effect – more fatal heart attacks



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  1. 📌Russian Military Plane Crash: More Than 90 Passengers and Crew Feared Dead
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  1. 📌Obama spends vacation with daughters in ‘escape room’
  2. 📌Imprisoned Blagojevich awaits Obama decision on commutation
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  4. 📌Playing Games with our Future and Our Lives
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