📌Saunas Can Protect Against You From Heart & Brain Diseases 📌More Women Got Mammos Under Obama 📌Teeth Fillings May Soon Be A Thing of The Past 📌HIV Rates In London Drop Due To Internet Drug? 📌and More!

  1. 📌Lose up to a stone in two weeks! Dr Xand van Tulleken offers his tips and tricks to do just that – and a selection of recipes from his Definitive Diet
  2. 📌This Blog Tells You How to Make a Woman Orgasm
  3. 📌Studies show saunas can protect against heart, brain diseases
  4. 📌More women got mammograms when Obamacare paid for them
  5. 📌LGBT Activists View Obama as Staunch Champion of Their Cause
  6. 📌Obama says he’s fine with ‘TrumpCare’
  7. 📌Doctors agree with censored study that concludes unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children
  8. 📌The Amish, who don’t get vaccinated, rarely get autism, cancer, or heart disease
  9. 📌Special issue of Optometry and Vision Science features new research on visual dysfunction after TBI
  10. 📌Scientists find link between depression and schizophrenia
  11. 📌Theresa May promises mental health care overhaul
  12. 📌Theresa May pledges to tackle ‘stigma’ of mental health but dismisses call for extra funding‘The advice I’d give to my teenage self’
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  1. 📌Scientists Have Found a Drug That Regenerates Teeth, and It Could Reduce the Need for Fillings
  2. 📌End of fillings in sight as scientists find Alzheimer’s drug makes teeth grow back 
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  12. 📌“Tree Man” May Have Finally Been Cured Of His Incredible Condition
  13. 📌Why California’s Ancient Sequoia ‘Tunnel Tree’ Toppled
  14. 📌Scientists Worry Italy’s Next Earthquake Might Topple Michelangelo’s David