📌How Twinkie Made The Super Rich, Richer 📌C-Section Affecting Evolution? 📌Smartwatch Detects Heart Attacks in High Risk Patients 📌and More!


  1. 📌How the Twinkie Made the Superrich Even Richer
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  1. 📌Women Are Getting So Many C-Sections It’s Starting to Affect Evolution
  2. 📌Babies born to mothers with diabetes are often bigger
  3. 📌Diabetic patients could avoid daily jabs as scientists REVEAL ‘promising’ breakthrough
  4. 📌Suffering from mental illness? Adopt a pet
  5. 📌Fat is actually GOOD for you, new study finds – as it reveals diets heavy in cheese, cream and butter REDUCE diabetes risk
  6. 📌Traditional full English fry-up ‘may raise risk of bowel cancer by 63 per cent’
  7. 📌Get rid of those seasonal blues if you are feeling SAD!
  8. 📌Suffering from mental illness? Adopt a pet
  9. 📌Running is actually good for knee joints: Study
  10. 📌Traditional full English fry-up ‘may raise risk of bowel cancer by 63 per cent’
  11.  📌”More life with your kids, more life with your friends, more life spent on earth — but only if you pay”
  12. 📌Message on Dangers of Smoking Not Getting Through, Warns Cardiologist
  13. 📌Never-smoking women have high occurrence of lung disease
  14. 📌Air Pollution Impairs Functioning of Blood Vessels in Lungs
  15. 📌Bacteria in undercooked chicken may lead to paralysis: Study
  16. 📌Want to avoid surgery for joint pain? Pro athletes, others try stem-cell injections
  17. 📌Hospitals ordered to test pregnant women for carbon monoxide to see if they smoke


  1. 📌Amazon Go Hints At The Future Of Retail Stores With No Checkout Lines
  2. 📌Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and YouTube are creating a database of ‘terrorist content’
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