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This cat is retired:






…Gaga missed her millennium Diana Ross moment. And somewhere in the hills of California,  “The Boss” Diana Ross is filing her nails and talking about our generation’s work ethic and feeling about the only thing she and LadyGaga got in common is that they’re both Aries. Z’ats it.

Diana handled her FUNCTIONS that day. This is pop culture history:

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  • We ignore what doesn’t fit with our biases – even if it costs us…Amen. To avoid having to self-reflect (which, at times, can cause a complete overhaul and re-do) people would rather suffer the immediate consequences or later repercussions. Because (today) with our forms and methods of socialization, it’s easy to mask and move on. But the MOMENT we are faced with an idea, thought, (or even post) that triggers emotion in us, we revolt. But the gag is, anything that triggers and emotion in you has provoked thought for you to consider. When we ignore that, we let scar-tissue build-because beneath that was a problem that required attention we chose to ignore.

I have 3 things I stand by regarding that:

1) The human condition is RARELY, if ever objective, and if it is, (especially today), it is conditioned to be so if there is a reward in it and/or it can be witnessed or recorded. Very rarely is being objective a private matter and for the times that it is, (and if you are the subject): You’ve been blessed. And I’m talkin’ the end of Color Purple when Mista went to the immigration department and handed over Celie’s monies, letters and immigration papers as the song “God is Trying to Tell You Something” played kinda blessed. Trust me on that… (4:47) There st still a FEW..a handfull of people in the world who will give you your just due, what is rightfully yours or what you deserve, in complete silence.


2) Most of what we do, subscribe to (and today) promote or circulate, is that which is out of our way/competition or if reciprocity (or reward) is involved and/or that which doesn’t make us think and reflect too hard so as to keep us ‘comfortable’ and able to cope. (When I got over that weakness, I became fearless and can handle the not so bright side). I don’t like living lies. It’s not healthy and it makes you delusional. Blind optimism is good but dangerous. Because by the same token, you have to be able to handle truths (or negatives) in life. It’s possible to be positive and be able to deal with truth. Most people (today) are quick to call you or ‘it’ “negative” when they haven’t adapted to seeing positives in truths. Seeing positives in truths is to being armed with what to work through, and around. When you don’t know-you can’t grow. You just think you’re growing but the weeds will soon show.

3) Once you realize that to suit their program, agenda, thought processes, pretty much everything people say (or post) is relative and subjective-rarely the opposite. Once you really process that, you can move freely-by your own maverick.

That’s my spiel on that. Hope it helps.