📌Consume These Superfoods in 2017 📌What Will You Create in 2017 📌’Design Thinking’ To Get You Unstuck 📌Book Review: America. The Anxious 📌4 Cooking Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight 📌and More!

  1. 📌The case for NOT making Resolutions
  2. 📌Looking for a new look in 2017? Check out these cosmetic procedures
  3. 📌Design Thinking Could Help Those Who Want To Get Unstuck
  4. 📌What Will You Create In 2017? 
  5. 📌5 Everyday Exercise Options To Stay Healthy
  6. 📌I’m too busy
  7. 📌Why Do I Commit Breach Social Mores Consistently? 
  8. 📌How To Get Out Of A Bad Mood 
  9. 📌Here’s How Far You Actually Need to Run to Reap the Health Benefits
  10. 📌Happy New FIT and HEALTHY Year!!!
  11. 📌How to Burn More Calories on the Treadmill
  12. 📌What are the guidelines for percentage of body fat loss?
  13. 📌Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment
  14. 📌Is a prediabetes screening actually that helpful?
  15. 📌Physical Heartbreak Symptoms
  16. 📌Why Frequent Dieting Makes You Put On Weight – And What To Do About It
  17. 📌An Inspiring Story of Weight Loss and Its Aftermath
  18. 📌6 Ways to Impress Trainers Without Even Trying
  19. 📌The hardcore life of a man who went vegan, lost 200lbs, and became a marathon runner
  20. 📌Magnetic Brain Stimulation Can Bring Back Stowed Memories
  21. 📌More concussion researched needed for women, advocates say
  22. 📌How your gut’s circadian rhythm affects your whole body
  23. 📌Interleukin-1α causes people to choke on air
  24. 📌How Yogi Ashley Hart Stopped Feeling ‘Stuck’ in Her Body and Changed Her Life
  25. 📌4 Things You Should Do to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy
  26. 📌Aura Health launches meditation app for people who can’t sit still for long
  27. 📌Stores defy experts to recommend sports supplements to teens, study says
  28. 📌Omega-3 Supplements Can Prevent Childhood Asthma | Health
  29. 📌Creatine’s Not For Teens, But Are Budding Bodybuilders Listening?
  30. 📌Common Drug Side Effects: Types of Side Effects and FDA Regulations
  31. 📌When Parenting Gets the Best of You 
  32. 📌Essential Baby Gear: Strollers, Bedding, and More
  33. 📌Mutations in ‘Essential Genes’ Tied to Greater Risk for Autism
  34. 📌Classic symptom of scurvy is inflamed, swollen and bleeding gums (check in with our sister site to find out which milk is linked to scurvy)
  35. 📌Cancer checks ‘a waste of time’
  36. 📌Common and Rare Side Effects for cyclosporine oral
  37. 📌Book Review: America the Anxious
  38. 📌How Dr. Oz Is Responding to Criticism of ‘Quack Treatments’


  1. 📌Consume these superfoods for healthy 2017
  2. 📌Cured meats can worsen asthma symptoms
  3. 📌On the Way to Slaughter-less Butchershops and Murder-Free MeatHow your gut's circadian rhythm affects your whole body
  4. 📌Chili pepper compound can stop breast cancer, study finds
  5. 📌Working out — McDonald’s = Greatness
  6. 📌Fruits and Vegetables: Not Enough Vitamin C to Quell Insulin Resistance in Kids | Health
  7. 📌4 Cooking Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight