📌Dating App Fatigue + Why It’s Illogical (For Women) To Use Them 📌Republican Colin Powell Endorses Hillary Clinton📌Children Becoming Naturally Immune To Effects Of HIV 📌Reason For Obamacare Rise in Premiums? 📌Studies Show Women Drink ‘Nearly’ As Much As Men 📌Mom Fights Talent Scout That Rejected Special Needs Son 📌and More!

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The Rise of Dating-App Fatigue …I need to write a blog on our sister site or do a podcast on this. Because without even reading this, I know (from the title) I concur. Briefly, I will tell you why/give you my logic and why I’m completely CLUELESS as to why women would even attempt to date app/online date or any of the like: It’s simple. If long before social media, the consensus is that it was what…20 women to every 1 man and too, the male attention span and monogamy has ALWAYS been a struggle and hot topic—even since as far back as the darn Garden of Eden…whyyyyy in the achte e double hockey stick would a women ATTEMPT to find love online or on line during a time of when social media has entered view. Yeah. I gotta squeeze the podcast in because I have a lot to say about this. I’m ALLLL about preserving the female self-esteem and saving ‘em from heartache.

I’m a busy girl that wear a lot of hats but look, I gotta put my digital cape on and get with this for my ladies.

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Yayyyyyyyy ! Colin Powell Says He’ll Vote for Hillary Clinton

Colin Powell will vote for Clinton

Colin Powell Says He’Ll Vote For Hillary Clinton

Colin Powell to Vote for Hillary Clinton

Thousands Of Dead People Likely On Indiana Voter Rolls, Analysts Say

Biden Says Trump’s Comments on ‘Rigged’ Election Should Disqualify Him  …I wanna party with Biden  at a less-conservative event. I think he is HILARIOUS and you can tell when he knocks a few back, it’s on and poppin.’

Trump Cites Police, Military, ICE Endorsements That Didn’t Happen

Trump warns of World War III if Clinton is elected

Gingrich goes off on Megyn Kelly over Trump allegations: ‘You are fascinated with sex’

Megyn Kelly said Trump might be a ‘sexual predator.’ Then things got very intense.

‘We Need to Clean This Up’: Clinton Aide’s Newly Public Email Shows Concern

‘We Need To Clean This Up’: Clinton Aide Cried Foul On Obama’s Email Denial

Chris Christie’s Career Has Quietly Ended as Trump has Imploded

Colin Powell says he’s voting for Hillary Clinton

Hannity offers to pay for Obama to go to Kenya

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CBS Anchors Bewildered by Obamacare 25 Percent Premium Hikes