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House GOP makes big concession on tax bill

Trump and Michael Moore get into ‘not at all presidential’ Twitter spat

Twitter suspends Roger Stone’s account

Kushner went to Saudi Arabia unannounced

Puerto Rico is working to cancel Whitefish contract

Stelter: Fox News changes the subject

Maryland investigating Kushner Companies over apartments

Saudi Arabia to let women into sports stadiums

Fierce winds and heavy rain hit Northeast

Study links acetaminophen in pregnancy to ADHD, but experts question results

Trump said it’s ‘commonly agreed’ his campaign didn’t collude with Russia. Senator King doesn’t think so.

N.J. governor says news that a grand jury has approved charges should concern those under investigation

Trump attacks Clinton, as Mueller charges loom

Sen. Angus King: No basis for Trump’s claim it’s ‘commonly agreed’ campaign didn’t collude with Russia

London airport’s security files found on a USB stick on street

Fierce winds to batter Northeast

Dodgers even up the World Series

Not everyone wants Catalan independence

Vietnam POW: Here’s how to honor us

White nationalists met by counterprotesters

Iran says it will keep building missiles, despite US objections

Puerto Rico gov.: Cancel Whitefish contract

Poll: 71% say politics at dangerous low

Stelter: Fox News changes the subject

In Iowa, Trump Jr. focuses on the hunt

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A sisterhood forms to take down James Toback

Dodgers win World Series game 4

White nationalists met by counterprotesters

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Vietnam POW: Here’s how to honor us

Neighbors OD on opioids on same day

First charges filed in Mueller investigation

Mattis: N. Korean threat ‘has grown markedly’

What North Koreans think about Trump

Poll: 71% say politics at dangerous low

Trump promises to release all JFK files

In Iowa, Trump Jr. focuses on the hunt

Sanders refuses to answer this question

Family of woman who died of cancer keeps Lady Gaga concert dream alive

Pro athletes react to NFL team owner comparing them to ‘inmates’

Inmate who escaped in disguise captured

Soccer icons receive threats from ISIS in photoshopped execution

6,000-year-old skull found

‘Bullied’ burger PSA goes viral

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Growing up Muslim and African-American

Imam’s connection to Islam is rooted in childhood trauma

Childhood friends die on same day, half a mile apart

Christie on opioids: ‘This is the AIDS epidemic of our generation, but even worse’

Emergency declaration is key, experts say

This is fentanyl: A visual guide

How #MeToo could move from social campaign to social change

A sisterhood forms to take down director James Toback

Rose McGowan speaks publicly for 1st time since Weinstein scandal

Clinton jabs at Fox News on Russia

Most Obamacare enrollees could pay less next year

Questions over stranded sailors’ story

Universities face rising security costs for controversial speakers

Tampa mayor, police chief to trick-or-treat in area rocked by mystery killings

Tillerson, Mattis: We don’t need new war authorization to fight terror

Korea accused of stealing warship plans

Body parts found in cooler; man arrested

iPhone X first impressions: Highs, lows and quirks

Internet bashes wrong guy in Russia probe

Judge reinstates Cowboys RB’s suspension

White House releases official portraits of Trump, Pence

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12-year-old jumps off overpass, kills driver

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Trump’s transgender military ban blocked

Inventor admits dismembering journalist

Women’s basketball star reveals sexual abuse

Tropical Puerto Rican rain forest obliterated