About Last Night: How Janet Rocked, Fans Scored (and Why Camera’s Rolled) at the Sold Out, L.A. Hollywood Bowl Show…

Hollywood Bowl marked the spot [where] about last night Janet fans were getting their life. And for those who didn’t manage to get a ticket—unfortunately, they struck out.

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The sold out show housed rows and lanes of thousands of screaming fans-eagerly awaiting the music superstar to bless them with her magic after the Let’s Wait a While legend disappeared for a little over a year where during, she breathed new life into the world.



Life comes at you fast.

That year and a promise to reappear reared its pretty head right back at the place where her die-hards eagerly awaited her return-a return to the world stage that her critics and fair weathers alike, doubted she would make good on and return to.


But for the love of her fans and to make good on promise that she really would be worth the wait, the Come Back To Me singer did just that: came back to thee with a vengeance.

In less than eight months time from of being teased about her weight by big bro Randy:



…the (then) round, near rendered and written off tour-dropper-outer enraged many. Life came at her fast as she kicked over plans to finish the last leg of her Unbreakable tour-proving that it was indeed breakable after all:

Fast forward.

Happily divorced and a ways away from [what the public later found out was] an abusive and oppressive marriage; the proud, new baby mama’s got a new leash on life and now back to handling her functions on stages from state to state.

Wait a minute, y’all gotta help me with this now. I’m 51 annnnnnnnnnnnnd I got a baby.


Only dated by career footprint and public life path, the youthful, vibrant, 51-year old young fit, fine, and limber “Nasty” girl bounced back with quite the surprise:


Back in the swing of things with a svelte physique and 70-pound weight-loss, the queen of pop dropped her load, got rid of her baggage and stepped back onto the scene with no promotion, and no pre-show act as if she never missed a step-taking control and headlining that last leg of her tour (solo) and as if nothing ever changed but the tour’s name.

That tour name change was renamed after (one of her many hit album)’s name: State of the World (#SOTW): ironically, perfectly befitting the change in the literal state of the world since last left the Got Til It’s Gone songbird.

Along with (pretty much) her same 3-gens of dancers from Unbreakable (pictured here: Allison, Dominique, Kyndall, Melanie, Mishay and Taylor) served shenanigans and sass to the crowd of loyal die-hards unapologetically rocking out to a medley of some of the multi-platinum singer’s greatest hits:

Miss You Much





Nasty” (with her DJ, DJ Acktive-mixing Snoop and Tupac’s Gangsta Party)

Having gone to support her good friend multi-talented singer-producer Missy Elliott’s show at the FYF festival just before her very own #SOTW kicked off,


…Missy too, was there in spirit last night:



As if that wasn’t enough, Janet blessed the sold-out L.A crowd of die-hards something unexpected that turned out to be pretty much summed up in her choreographer, creative director and friend’s (Gil Duldulao)’s cryptic tweet and before-show sound check: “It’s a family affair.”


That “family affair” turned out to be multi-gen years of JanFam dancer’s a.k.a “The Kids” from tours past (just to name a few) Tish Oliver, Kelly Kono, Nicki, Patenburg, Tyce Diorio, and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

  • “Rhythm Nation Tour” (late 80s early 90s)
  • “Janet World Tour” (early to mid 90s)
  • “Velvet Rope” (late 90s)
  • “All For You” (early 2000s)
  • “Rock With You Tour” (mid to late 2000s)
  • “Unbreakable Tour” (2016)
  • “State of the World Tour” (2017)



Fans at the Hollywood Bowl were treated to a visit by Jan’s #1 girl, friend and long-time choreographer Tina Landon who got a special introduction well-deserved. She’s rocked with Jan for a long time:


As well, they screaming crowd was treated to a special multi-gen JanFam dancer’s stage stomping stamp-out of the heart-pumping, pulse thumping Rhythm Nation…





….followed by some impromptu Jan-dancer love bestowed upon her:



Back to business, the show went on:

Jan fans scream and keep the funniest squeals and comments while trying to enjoy the show and record their piece of history to take along with them after the show:


Speaking of history.


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It was full-circle last night as Janet’s Good Times television mom “Willona” (Jeannette Dubois) came out in support of her tv babygirl Penny—all ‘growed’ up and rocking shows the world over:



The night was long from over.


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Dressed in a sharp, black, long, leather pencil skirt and braided leather cummerbund belt around her tiny waist-paired with a clavicle-bearing blouse; Club Lure played host of the after party in which people like Let’s Wait a While’s songwriter Melanie Andrews and others past and present that have played and worked with Janet were summoned to a night out with the star and her fans for the late-night festivities:




I’d say, until next time, when (or if) the “If” singer makes her way back around to be together again with her fans, L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl fans got more than what they paid and bargained for.

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And well, ultimately, they scored:

…because like (the concert video/movies) for:


  • “Rhythm Nation Tour” (late 80s early 90s)

  • “Janet World Tour” (early to mid 90s)

  • “Velvet Rope” (late 90s) HBO/NYC

  • “All For You” (early 2000s)

  • “Rock With You” tour (mid to late 2000s)



  • “Up Close and Personal” tour (later 2000s)

  • “Unbreakable Tour” (2016)


…State of the World #SOTW (10.8.2017)’s sold-out show at the Hollywood, Bowl was the secret scene and location that made the concert/video movie.

So yeah, they scored indeed in deed:


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