📌Trump Pence Logo Gets Meme’d 📌Ben Affleck Defends Tom Brady 📌Playboy Model Dani Mathers Body Shames & Posts Old Woman At LA Fitness On Social Media 📌Turkish Coup Attempt Updates 📌and more!


1) Although John Stewart said goodbye to us in April of last year, one fact remains: You can leave your calling but sometimes, your calling calls you back. John Stewart will be reuniting with Stephen Colbert to cover the RNC—Republican National Convention (in case you didn’t recognize the acronym). Story here

2) #28Pages: Congress releases long-secret document indicting Saudi ties to 9/11. Story here

3) Slain man Alton Sterling was laid to rest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana today. Story here

      3a) Baton Rouge mayor a no-show

4) Slain man Philandro Castile laid to rest in horse drawn carriage. Story here

5) Atlanta Cop who shot unarmend black man is charged with murder. Story here

6) Transgender woman Deeniquia Dodds found shot dead in DC. Story here

7) The Cavs’ trade with Philadelphia 76ers is complete. Story here

         7a) (more on Cavs’ Sasha Kaun to Philadelphia trade)

         7b) Cavs sign free agent big guy Chris Anderson. Story here

         7c) J.R Smith nervous about Cavs future. Story here

8) Coup attempt in action, actively: While birds and chirping, the sun is out and summer time is singing us a sweet song right now, it’s going down in Turkey. Turkish army attempting to seize power from Edrogan while gunfire, and flying jets are heard overhead in Ankara. In Istanbul, bridges across Bosphorus are closed. Story here

       8a) (more of the chaos in Ankara)

       8b) Top Officials reportedly taken hostage Story here


[youtube https://youtu.be/3mq5hrUDoYo&w=310h=157]
9) Possible doping violation by the USADA for Brock Lesnar. Story here

     9a) (more deets on Brock Lessnar)

10) Saying goodbye to our National Parks possibly? As we reported, while Barack Obama did his part in preservation of many a sacred land, as he prepares to move out, so might his efforts. Reportedly, the GOP is shooting for ridding the country of National Parks. Bored and power hungry down to grass much or what? Story here

10) Teen Wolf fans get their first look at Dylan O’Brien on the Set of Season 6. Story here

11) Prison Break fans news: Lincoln may be in danger. Story here

12) LoL at Trump and his Vice Pres pick Mike Pence’s logo—no, it really is being mocked. (LoL). Story here (if you don’t get the joke, it’s because Donald Trump is on record for having bragged about his peen/eluded to the fact that it’s ‘large’)

Take your pic: LoL

0246c5f6940a356fdef4b9ce1e488a91517e08e4c8df50f72c3fd29d329e66d5 TRUMPPENCE6

       12a) (more mockery of that Internet meme worthy logo)

13) Persistence against resistance: Homeless teen biked 6 miles hours to register for college, town pitches in. Story here

14) Boo! Ghostbusters earn 3.5 million on its opening first night. Story here

15) As rumors surface of a protest given the rumored name “Day of Rage”, Dallas authorities are preparing and getting in gear…just in case. Story here

16) Katy Perry tapped for Summer Olympics theme song “Rise” Watch here  ↓


[youtube https://youtu.be/lFIIMEe2Ht0&w=310h=157]
17) Emotional Pitbull get star on walk of fame. Story here

18) Cara Delevingne’s thick eyebrows and cat eyes find a home in one of the Suicide Squad character videos. Story here

19) How “Flipping The Script” Kept Young Muslims From Joining ISIS. Story here

20) Dani Mathers, Playboy model who body-shamed an unknowing woman changing at the gym (and exposed it on the Internet) gets fired and banned from L.A Fitness gyms all over. That’s what the hell she gets. Story here

dani mathers

21)  Nice terror attack responses weren’t so nice so #BlackLivesMatter activist spoke out about it on social media. Story here

22) More for Ben Affleck to b|itch about: Tom Brady is denied a fair and impartial process regarding “deflategate.” Story here

[youtube https://youtu.be/DGdtZ6kvmHY&w=310h=157]
23) If roses can grow from concrete them I guess diamonds can grow in orchids. Story here

24) Should we Mom-shame these PokemonGo-ish moms or be okay with them having named theirs a more sophisticated (for the same following foolishness):  “ChardonnayGo.” Story here