📌#KillTheBill Will Trump’s, Ultimatum and “Rookie’s Error” and Ultimately ‘Tatooed to Heads of the GOP?’

“Kill Bill” with Uma Thurman – by Quinton Tarrantino

Like a Tarrantino movie, the world awaits with baiting breath and a twitter hashtag: #KillTheBill.

While Donald Trump never met the deadline to show and prove his Obama wiretap claims, a week later, he gave a deadline of today (close of business), for the GOP to vote to repeal Obamacare or it stays.

Generally, creatively, professionally or personally speaking, my take is-you’re not Noah. Neither am I. In this land, you don’t build your ark while people step back, watch your blood, sweat and tears and then want to get on when you’re done. People like that will only bring out their hammers and drills and poke holes that will eventually sink you.

If it’s not ‘yes’ right now-or it’s “maybe.” I don’t hurry up, or ‘wait.’ I move like you completely said ‘no.’ Then, you have to catch up with me. Surprise us both why don’t you.

That said, as I don’t eff around. I get it. I’m sort of the same way-when it comes to hanging back in indecision. You’re either with me or you’re against me-no in between or 11th hour (‘maybe’s’) considered in my world. You ride my boat when I dock and if you don’t get on, I’m gone sailing-no looking back. It’s like the difference between ‘yes,’ ‘no’ or ‘maybe.’ In my mind’s eye and life’s time: ‘maybe’ (to me) is ‘no,’ means no-tomorrow through going forward, and ‘yes’ means ‘yesterday,’ today’ and right now.

But it’s just like I said: you’re not Noah-and either is Trump. You don’t build something and expect for the people to get on. (Like I said) you build TOGETHER.

“I don’t know if you wanna call this-on Trump’s part-a “rookie’s” error. But you don’t find a ‘day’ and say: ‘I’m gonna pass a bill.’ You build your consensus in your caucus. And when you’re ready…you set the date.” -Nancy Pelosi

Like Nancy Pelosi said during her weekly press briefing: The problem however, is that Trump’s ultimatum is a “rookie’s era” in that he’s expecting people to make life altering decisions without having come to the table (literally) ‘evidently’ clear on what the plan is–the equivalent of failing to plan being planning to fail, if you will.

As of early this week, we did learn, and do know however that, that part of the (cont’d here)