📌ABOUT TORISPILLING🔌Our Mission 🔌Our Value 🔌Our Vision 🔌Our Position 🔌And You…

📌ABOUT TORISPILLING🔌Our Mission 🔌Our Value 🔌Our Vision 🔌Our Position 🔌And You…

The site slogan is real:

ToriSpilling: a S̶e̶a̶r̶c̶h̶ Searched Engine 🔌Linking You to Relevant, Current Events, and News for Your Information, Use or Entertainment! 

Intuitive, ready-made information like having your very own personal, tailor-made Google right at your fingertips—without having to remember what to search!


The ToriSpilling site’s mission is to let the Google’s google, the blogs blog, the news site’s news, and the Bing’s bing while we bang, hang and spill.

In between all their time and technologies; ToriSpilling simply found our schtick: An innovative way to dig our own niche in the information superhighway digisphere by way of two necessary things in this busy world of news and information:

  • Compartmentalization
  • Categorization

…that won’t descend into oblivion and force people to think about what to remember to search in order to find out all the relevant, current event news and information going on in the world.

In order to secure our place and difference among the sources already out there, we had to be resourceful and intuitive.

This was kind of easy and practically came natural.

A street smart entrepreneur with an education and background in philosophy, psychology, sociology and journalism, in the blogging business; I was intensely interested in being in the know of what’s going on in the world around me.

So with that, it wasn’t hard to write out of list of things that I felt the world wanted to be informed about while paying attention to what people are doing, talking and living about.

The only problem was, I knew that providing a compartmentalized way of getting these important pieces of information out to the world could not be secured by exploring a Google search engine and hanging out waiting on the Yahoo’s and Bing’s and such to drop their news.

But when you throw your vision out there combined with a mission to enlighten, ennoble, empower and informed, somewhere in the middle of the road on the Information Superhighway, something was going to yield.

It did. I made connections and resources (that too, benefits those sources), and ToriSpilling was built in a year.

I wasn’t as interested in building a site that was niche-specific to any particular group of people as, information that ennobles, empowers and enlightens people can be as universal-as pretty much everything in life is universal and relative to the beholder and to whom it concerns.

But who knew the social media subculture of the self-taking phenomenon had news exclusive to all things selfie!

Well building ToriSpilling, we found out that it indeed, does! So much so that we ended up building the Internet’s first ever, selfie site that provided more than a place to take a selfie or post one, but to inform us all that there is life, news and information behind selfie-taking in our image-obsessed culture and world we live in today.

So in addition to:

ToriSpilling found a way to funnel news and information for:

…while managing to provide our readers with spiels, and commentary via a tradition blog-but rather than the typical, entertaining content that sticks the premise of making sense of sensation.

So while the digital media brands are umbrella’d under the OSFMag digital media brand pride ourselves on what we provide and am confident in our place among the majors; we respect the fact that with its one-woman show, we don’t, and will NEVER chase being the first to drop breaking and trending news. We respectfully allow the majors to “maje”—but we found a way to still let our readers log on to our site and get to these major news sites and search engines when coming to ToriSpilling.com as well as being able to link the U.S. to news happening state to state. Furthermore, majors-not even Google-do what we do, like we do it.


So despite, do to no having the staff and power to do what we envision doing right now, still, we are confident in our position, place, and the value in the digital marketplace we add. We are confident in how we do what we do, and when we do it because we know that we managed to provide the world online a different kind of convenience that was not out there until we came along.


Even over the major’s (posted just below here) and others; on the main Internet site metrics leader, ToriSpilling’s site engagement time and bounce rate rules the roost. Not that we are tooting our own horn, but coming from a business standpoint, that simply tells us that while breaking and trending news is necessary; people were hungry for a way to get their news on their own time, and in compartments, too.

ToriSpilling simply found an innovative way to conveniently and intuitively compartmentalize getting information and world news. And we’re proud of that.

And while, right now, we’ll never be “first” with the trending or breaking news; we provide our site visitors with a way to get it-just atop our site.

Aside from that, we possess a 24/7/365 rolling, four-source, 30-90 day archive article feed and secret weapon by which we pull to news you can use at your leisure, for your pleasure, and your entertainment and information that until ToriSpilling spills, no one else can or ever did.


TORISPILLING is on a quest to build THEE 1st-ever “Amazon” of s̶e̶a̶r̶c̶h̶ searched engines linking you to a WIDE VARIETY of sources for news and information in entertainment, pop and popular culture and more! Spilling and having done the “Googling” FOR YOU-saving you time while keeping you in the know!