ICYMI: 📌H̶e̶l̶l̶ Heck-to-the Nah: Schumer Shin-Checks Heckler on Senate Floor 📌Trump’s [Can’t See the] Forest for the Trees Problem 📌Pokemon’s Upgrade’s Hoping It’ll Poke You and You’ll Play Again 📌Ivanka’s Invite Irritated School’s Parent’s 📌Cereal Killer: The ONE Cereal That Revived General Mills 📌Bounce College – Ball with LaVar 📌 ̶F̶r̶a̶n̶k̶i̶n̶c̶e̶n̶s̶e̶Franken-Since: All Franken to Leave Senate on January 2 📌4 Theories as to Why Hillary’s Getting Hated On 📌Is 2018 Dems’ Year? 📌Reportedly, Kimye Divorcing Sans Surrogate 📌Cher’s Mamma Mia Grand Entrance 📌7 Types of People Who Still Use Facebook 📌Exactly What’s In Final Tax Plan 📌and More!

Sweeping tax overhaul sheds the individual mandate, chipping away at the Affordable Care Act

‘It’s always fun when you win,’ Trump says

‘Americans have a lot to regret,’ Schumer says

What’s in the GOP’s final tax plan

Trump to media: Stay for prayer, you need it

1-vote win is now a tie after judges declare a ballot good

Poll: Democrats’ 2018 advantage expands

Christie: Kushner should be investigated

Analysis: 4 theories on why Hillary Clinton isn’t very popular

Nikki Haley: The US is ‘taking names’ on Jerusalem resolution

Gymnast McKayla Maroney says she was paid to keep quiet about abuse

Opinion: Disney heiress did the right thing

Paul Ryan addresses retirement rumors

Transgender recruits must be ‘stable’ in their new gender for 18 months, Pentagon says

Ben Carson leads Trump and his Cabinet in a prayer that praises Trump and his Cabinet

Franken to leave Senate on January 2

LaVar starting league for players who skip college 🗣

‘Tomorrow may not exist’: 27-year-old NBAer attacks bucket list

The cereal that got General Mills out of the slump

Eva Longoria expecting her first baby

Rays trade Evan Longoria

Pokémon Go introduces major update hoping you’ll play again

Opinion: Why we can’t stop fighting for the press

In the future, your kitchen will think for itself

2017 is a record-breaker — and not in a good way

Ignore the noise: Russia still wants good relations with Trump

Donald Trump’s forest-for-the-trees problem

Jessica Chastain’s new heroine in ‘Molly’s Game’

‘The Voice’ winner is…

‘Pitch Perfect 3’ and other sequels coming

The tax overhaul Trump will celebrate today affects all corners of the US economy. Here are the key provisions

What the tax bill means for Millennials

CEOs don’t plan to spend tax savings to create jobs

Americans don’t believe GOP sought a bipartisan deal

Sen. Flake: ‘I would have written a much different bill’

Here’s how GOP and Trump plan to celebrate win on taxes

Analysis: What exactly does ‘not going anywhere’ mean to Speaker Ryan?

A divided GOP pulled together

The moment the Senate approved the bill

Schumer calls out heckler on Senate floor

Trump Jr. stokes Russia conspiracy theory

Trump’s approval rating enters a new league

Sex abuse survivors group urges against celebrating Cardinal’s life

Bernard Law, who covered for pedophile priests, will get full Cardinal’s funeral

Amtrak crash leaves unanswered questions

Why the government is creating lethal viruses

S.E. Cupp slams Matt Damon

Trump and China: 2018 could get nasty

Acosta questions Trump’s tax claim

Parents upset over Ivanka Trump’s school visit

Olive Garden is still a hit with pasta lovers

Separatists woo immigrants with citizenship vow

Hellish summer of hurricanes smashes FEMA

Disaster costs jumped over 60% to $306 billion

This is not how Puerto Rico does Christmas

US cities struggle to recover after hurricanes

CNN investigation prompts review of death toll

I’m a little person, he’s black, and together we’re family

Netflix recruited in man’s surprise proposal

Opinion: Is ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ sexist? 

The GOP’s rush to tax cuts was brainless

A war that no one can win

What North Korea’s WannaCry attack shows us

You can’t fool the accountants on taxes

Huge mortgage rate drop. May be last chance to refi.

My personal psoriasis journey

Hugh Jackman commands center stage in ‘Greatest Showman’

‘Downsizing’ shrinks Matt Damon in pursuit of big ideas

Meryl Streep responds to Rose McGowan’s slam

‘Ocean’s 8’ first trailer will steal your attention

Michael Peña, Diego Luna to star in ‘Narcos’

A look at one of the Maldives’ priciest resorts

Secrets of Rockefeller Center at Christmas

Last-minute holiday gift guide: Our must-have cookbooks

Mamma Mia 2′ trailer is here to remind you we still have things to look forward to

Here comes the Museum of Selfies to stoke your Instagram-art obsession

This ongoing Reddit treasure hunt is proof humans can be nice sometimes

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle release swoon-worthy engagement photos

‘The Last Jedi’-inspired electric shavers are here, proving there’s almost no limit to Star Wars merchandise

There’s a problem with the way bipolar disorder is represented in stock images

Rome spent $57,000 on the world’s saddest excuse for a Christmas tree

Little girl draws message in the snow urging Santa to take her brother away

Mark Hamill is really not happy with Luke Skywalker’s portrayal in ‘The Last Jedi’

Cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta gets hacked and replaced by a fake site that steals your money

Lost submarine from World War I found after 103-year search

People sure like watching ‘The Boss Baby’ while flying

Seth Meyers takes down the Republican tax plan

‘Sesame Street’ awarded $100 million grant to bring interactive education to refugee children

Tesla’s giant battery bailed out a coal power station nearly 620 miles away

Money can buy you anything, including an ugly shirt line

‘Last Jedi’ gets thumbs up from 89% of viewers, says new poll

Facebook defends targeted ads that only show job openings to young people

NASA mission finalists would take us to Saturn’s moon or a comet

Amazon Music may soon be part of your car

This nasty Android malware caused a phone to overload and bulge

Developers are out of ideas, so now there’s an app for augmented reality farting

Amazon might release its own version of YouTube. Here’s why that’s a good idea

Save on a Nest Thermostat, Dell, Piper security system, and more with these top tech deals

Of course Kristen Bell makes being pregnant look like so much fun

Kelly Marie Tran hugged a display of Finn’s costume because of course she did

The 7 types of people who still use Facebook

Mom masterfully trolls her daughter, who’s just trying to make a nice video

The best way to get a gift you’ll really like is to buy it yourself. Case in point: This drone.

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