ICYMI: 📌Exclusive: Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie Interviews Trump Book Author Michael Wolff 📌Bannon Branded “Sloppy Steve” By Trump 📌Sessions’ Crusade to Stop the Sess Gets Smoked Via Tweet 📌”Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot’s Superhuman Non-Response To James Cameron Was The Response 📌What Every Chrome User Should Do Re: Spectre 📌A Guide To Help You Figure Out Which Dating App is Best For You Is Here 📌Fit ̶F̶o̶r̶ From Office: Hillary’s Former CTO Left Politics For Fitness Startup 📌”Fire and Fury” Persists Despite Trumps’ ‘Cease To Desist’ 📌Melinda Gates on Why You Should Invest in Women in 2018 📌Driving While Driven: Nissan Wants To Plug into Your Brain To Stop Car Accidents 📌and More!

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