ICYMI: 📌Decisions, Decisions: Mortgage or Son’s Insulin 📌Why Moms Don’t Let Dads Help 📌Apple’s Most Downloaded Apps of 2017 📌Bitcoin Traded at $19K in Korea – Plunges $2,500 in Fours Hours – What You Need To Know About Bitcoin 📌NFL Jerseys Get New Look 📌Gay Man Denied Marriage License By Kim Davis Runs For Her Job 📌Why Prices Have Gone Crazy 📌Slager Gets 20 📌Quincy Jones Launched Netlix Jazz 📌How To Win The Holidays in Style David Cassidy Leaves Daughter Out of Will 📌and More!

Kristen Wiig dealt with an embarrassing astrology tattoo in a very inventive way

SYFY launches Snapchat Show ‘GEEKLY’ as Snap strips ephemerality from product

John Cena is better at ‘Mad Libs’ than you, and there’s a Christmas play to prove it

Neil Patrick Harris wants you to guess if these kids are meeting Santa or getting a shot

Sia responds on Twitter to article questioning the ethics of putting child dancer in the limelight  (see Sia at our sister site)


Bitcoin hits $15,000 and is already trading at $19,000 in Korea

Gal Gadot just presented the first ‘Wonder Woman’ scholarship and it’s magical

Apple’s most downloaded apps of 2017

Marriage equality has finally become law in Australia, at last

LAPD warns that navigation apps are steering people to neighborhoods on fire

Stephen Colbert slams Al Franken for latest sexual misconduct allegation

Steam no longer accepting Bitcoin as payment, because it’s too volatile

Quincy Jones is about to launch the ‘Netflix of jazz’

‘Game of Thrones’ star says final season won’t premiere until 2019

Freddie Mercury biopic replaces director Bryan Singer

‘Game of Thrones’ star admits he was totally confused by the show

Female senators asked Al Franken to resign. The GOP could learn something from their example.

Sufjan Stevens just released a song about ‘American star’ Tonya Harding

Cut the cord and switch to these wireless power solutions for your phone

How an iconic LA art museum prepared itself for devastating wildfires

‘Game of Thrones’ comes to theaters to distract you from the long wait for Season 8

Discover won’t force you to sign for purchases anymore

Holiday sales are still happening: Get a Ticwatch 2 for less than $170

Learn how to use hacking techniques for good by taking this online class

The combustible mix behind Southern California’s terrifying wildfires

17 passive aggressive gifts to give your Secret Santa when it’s someone you despise

Deck the halls: How to win the holidays in style

Lyft’s self-driving cars are now on the road in Boston

Gay man denied a marriage license by Kim Davis now running for her job  (see more on this at our sister site)

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The President’s provocative rhetoric raises concerns he may be more willing to engage in conflict

US developing weapon that could disable N. Korean missiles

US jets practice strikes on simulated North Korean targets

Japan to buy long-range missiles for first time

Experts: NK missile could hit anywhere in US

North Korea’s mystery ship is banned everywhere

US considers how to curtail Iran’s ‘malign influence’

Analysis: Rep. Franks’ bizarre resignation letter

Smerconish: I’m not sure this is the end for Franken

First on CNN: Hatch hosting re-election fundraiser in January

Trump rally first test in Democrats’ search for payoff from lawmaker purge

Congress OKs 2 more weeks of funding

Justice Dept. investigating use of fetal tissue

Sources: Emails show follow-up after Trump Tower meeting

Trump: ‘I’m the only one that matters’

New fires burning in California

7 images that show why these wildfires are so dangerous

Wildfire racing toward tourist area

Brexit: Breakthrough in Brussels after week of drama

Rep. Castro: Surprising, disturbing things will come out in Russia investigation

Majority polled think there was probably improper contact with Russians

Trump to undergo a physical at Walter Reed

Moore using Trump’s favorite catchphrase

Cooper: You can be a bigot, get elected

Teen forced into prostitution

Steelers LB undergoes spinal surgery

LaVar Ball’s sons are looking for teams in Europe … and GMs are rolling their eyes

Mom chooses mortgage or son’s insulin

Discount chain to open 900 new stores

Trial date set for AT&T, Time Warner case

Woman who watched eclipse has crescent-shaped eye damage

US ship that fired first WWII shots found

Transfer your debt to a card with 0% intro APR until 2019

Bitcoin plunges $2,500 in less than four hours

Bitcoin boom may be a disaster for the environment

















Why have prices gone crazy?

What you need to know about Bitcoin

Why partial justice for Walter Scott isn’t nearly enough

Watch the video that’s key to the case

Slager gets 20 years for Walter Scott killing

Family lawyer: Slager sentencing ‘historic’

Why moms don’t let dads help

Mysterious ghost ships in Japan raise concern

When disaster strikes, they bring the BBQ

Museum to exhibit the world’s most expensive painting

8 cool things cars of the future will do

Why some NFL jerseys are getting a new look

Why ‘irony’ was the wrong word for Franken to use

If you think the Pence rule is a good idea, think again

Why Democrats will win the future

Ryan Zinke: Why Trump shrunk the monuments

Steve Bannon’s shameful dog whistle

A wedding cake won’t heal religious differences

Huge mortgage rate drop. May be last chance to refi.

8 tips for choosing an oncologist

The fastest way to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt

GOP Rep. Mia Love: Farenthold should resign

GOP tax plan: Real work happening behind the scenes

Watch Al Franken resign on the Senate floor

Birth control increases breast cancer risk

What baby talk sounds like around the world

Protein powder: Pros and cons

‘The Crown’ is more polished in regal Season 2

Margot Robbie earns high marks in ‘I, Tonya’

Jimmy Kimmel’s wife opens up about family drama

Kelly’s Atlanta homes burglarized

Wonder Woman tears up, Timberlake is ‘arm candy’ at Hollywood breakfast – USA TODAY

Porn star August Ames dead aged 23 just days after sparking backlash on social media – Mirror.co.uk

David Cassidy’s will leaves out daughter Katie: report – Fox News

Size matters not: the plucky films going up against The Last Jedi – The Guardian

#metoo: Why Time’s Person of the Year is a Movement Breaking Silence in Solidarity – HuffPost

Mystery Buyer of $450 Million ‘Salvator Mundi’ Was a Saudi Prince – New York Times

Meghan Markle I Have a Great Royal Etiquette Teacher … My Boo, Harry!!! – TMZ.com

Ryan Reynolds To Play Detective Pikachu In Pokémon Live-Action Film – HuffPost

Corey Feldman’s Audio Files Naming Alleged Sexual Predators Have Been Found by Police – PEOPLE.com