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…I abhor clichés and trite quotes, but I do believe in choosing a career you never need a vacation from. And if you do go on vacation and what you do is really something you love, (and moreover) need too-like you want others too-then you take it with you. Everything’s mobile now. Furthermore, I’m a writer. I write from experience of my own and that from others so information x experience fuels me to run my brands. When I started my online mags I did it in these ways because I wasn’t seeing (or getting it) the way I wanted it (for me). So instead of complaining about the ‘same old same old’ way of the way online news and information was run, I did it myself. That said, even if I did want to retire from what I do, I couldn’t. Why? Because for me I need what I do. No one else gave it to me before I created it so whose gonna give it to me the way I want it if I quit? Nobody. So. It’s automatic. That’s just the way it is. Wherever I go, there, it-what I do-will be. I (for me) want to be able to go back and find all the information that I want + need to know. So I do what I do and you happen to be invited. It’s not a fight, angst, agony, or competition for me.








These Women Entrepreneurs Created A Fake Male Cofounder To Dodge Startup Sexism

Pull up a chair.

…I was JUST talking to my friend about this yesterday-about how if I had to chance to do my online mags and business all over again, there’d never be one single photo of me on social media or Internet.

My friend did this for his business in Florida-Mexican girl was the front face of his business which worked in his favor.

In the 90s (it was rumored) that car dealer Mel Farr Ford’s white guy on the frontface was put out there as “Mel Farr.”

Hell, comedian Jamie Foxx used that unisex stage name for the same reason (as the girls in this article)…

In this information age of mimicky/domino affect “transparency” we somehow feel like we HAVE to be the frontface of our brands (even more so than 2007-2009/2010).

You see, social media brought a “ready-made audience” of the world at our fingertips and somehow-it made (many of us)…us think we are now (all of a suffen-for many of us…)  “walking into our purpose” and so (all of a sudden-at the start of “attention”) we decided we are “brands” of people “walking into our purpose.”

But the double-edge sword of that is the “social” (personal) vs. the “media” (business). Removing the “brand” or “purpose” aspect of it all, despite all the wonderful things that have become of social media (by way of the Internet) and its positives, the negatives are that social media (itself) where that “audience” is, is a place where people are scrapping for daily significance and relevance in a place where people (like me) are interested in the business over the fame, first. But opposite that-in droves-most want to be famous first—under the guise of having/being a “brand” or “business.”

With all of that, the negative of social media is the (hard core fact) that (along with brick and mortar/analog problems like sexism or racism of old-that still hold true as issues) AS WELL (digital) online, jealousy, envy, coveting, and the kind of social politics—that we do NOT have to be held accountable for past a 140 character tweet (or Facebook or IG) post come into play when you are on social media and the frontface of your “brand” or business.

Long story short (as, this is better served/explained via another #AngFrankPodcast), when you can so much as log on to Facebook or IG and see a regular person with a regular account who does NOT run a brand or business online type the words “Photo credit” and list deets on it and an outfit, that tells you that pretty much that “ready-made audience” thinks of themselves as a (capable of being) brand or definitely essential to growing YOURS (people online with actual brands or businesses).

When you have to “social” of the media dynamic in place ON social media (again-where, too, online, jealousy, envy, coveting, and the kind of social politics—that we do NOT have to be held accountable for past a 140 character tweet (or Facebook or IG) post come into play; being the frontface of your brand or business (online) in front of this information age (digital) “ready made” audience (versus the analog audience of old-when media was controlled by radio and television before media became social) this SAME “ready made audience” (and very much apart of the negatives of social media) can see (or stereotype) you as a weed and want to help grow you or by contrast, assume (or see) you as a flowered and refuse to help [grow you-even if you feed, fertilize and sprinkle and grow them on a daily basis]. A great deal of calculating, social-personal strategizing and over-thinking, over-feeling about people around us (and in our view) is the name of the our game (secretly and relatively so).

All that said, in this VERY same conversation I was having with my girlfriend yesterday. As long as people can’t put (substance) “matter” to energy then you remain “energy.”

Just like in my post about energy-matter-information (and a VERY necessary podcast I MUST do to explain further), I totally agree that the universal law of physic of old (energy and matter) has been overcast with the invention of information and technology. So with social media technology’s “ready made audience” being on the receiving end of your transmission, if what you have is good (and necessary), you can bypass BEING the “matter” by BEING energy THAT matters and succeed (fully-without incident, assumption, or judgment) in just transmitting digitally.

So I told her that yes, I would do all that I am doing the very same way I am doing it, but I would have NEVER put a face on it. That is my ONLY big regret in this digital experience. But the brightest side and positive of that regret is that (unlike most), I still have the luxury of not having poured my entire soul and spirit out in this process and digital underground-because there is one other ‘solidifier’ of my frontface’s “person” / personality is still sacred and exclusive and where no traces of it are online: video.

Given how I feel about all aforementioned, once you have gone from being the frontface of your business or brand (via social media and stills/pics), and layered that with lending your (actual) voice e.g podcast (like I have via #AngFrankPodcast), and then your ‘way’ (movements + voice + frontface) are all on display in video-and from there, there’s pretty much nothing left to be desired.

So hopefully, if you ARE “out there” all three ways, you (your business or brand) hopefully you are personally satisfied that you are in full bloom… I really don’t HAVE to elaborate on what’s happening with that (for the people that have extended themselves stills/pics+voice+video). Because…here’s the gag: The less your brand/business has (fully) bloomed before your pouring out all that, the more you log on to do it (to snag). More-pour.



…Then becomes the name of your game…which eventually overpowers your brand or business.

Like I mentioned in a post (about personal life and distances in lengths of time having gone by), what seems like longing and care is a fine line of merely needing curiousity settled. And too, in the business life of branding online, curiosity doesn’t necessarily mean (the kind of support that grows you on social media your BUSINESS), either-the kind that funds it to keep your business running, and on and you inspired and motivated to stay up and on…

But because social media is 24/7/365 with a “ready made audience” willing to indulge you, you somehow get fulfillment from that (that until log off), you realize you have not “fully blossomed” yet…and AT log off, they are miserably fighting to blossom…so you log back on to pour more.

That’s how the cycle goes…

I beg your pardon. I studied the top player’s fall from grace and fights to hang on, to the presumed (pseudo) “bosses” and see straight through it all.

I’ve seen the seeds turned flowers wilt to weeds pretending to be flowers.

I’ve seen it all.

Until I am in full blossom, know that what (stills) you see and have seen, and what (audio) you have heard or words you have read and read—that’s it and all of my “pour” unless and until I am in full bloom.

Like I observe (in droves) I refuse to wilt, daily and (luckily) won’t because what I do-I TRULY love it. And (for myself-personally) need it (information). That, combined with it being significant to the entire digital/social media experience (24/7/365), I will ALWAYS be successfully a valuable anomaly, significant, relevant and a boss in that undeniable regard. So whether I am in full bloom (where it matters to growing the business to its full potential or not), one thing’s for certain and two, for sure, is: I will never wilt, be a weed or insignificant. I am and do media on social media and the Internet (outside of social media).

Humbly knowing just that, I am at TOTAL peace with what I do with my brand online—and at peace with my person at log off (scroll up and refer to the entrepreneur/ career/social fyi section under the Elon Musk vacation article).



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