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Ok. So which is it? ↑  ↓

About that, by the way: The fact of the matter is, when social media made ‘media’ social, so goes politics-it’s social, not “personal” anymore. Just as sure as Trump himself (in my honest opinion) is a perfect representation of sensationalism rising without qualifications and winging it is now a way of life, Trump (or any president) is not beyond reproach and criticism. Being condemned for criticizing Trump (or any other president) is another form of facism.

It was just not long ago in MySpace days (before social media came along) I had a clear and present statement about discussion on politics, sex, and religion being a no-no yet, all else was fair game. Look at me now. Although I still feel (our views) on those 3 things should be well-kept secrets like your health history and other important and private matters you don’t want to be judged for;, the fact of the matter is-not even THAT is personal anymore-attention is garnered for sensationalizing our deepest, private and personal matters. So with that being the case, with regard to sensationalism being very much a part of media gone social, politics and presidents are not exempt from social scorn from the media—or the people.

The fact of the matter is this: Trump is a social media president just as sure as the first black president is Barack Obama. Barack Obama may very well have been the first president at the start of the social media era (when media became social), but Trump personified and embodied social media sensation in the politics. There’s a difference. He is countless ways unqualified, and sensationalism and social media got him here.

No different than the Jesse Jackson’s of the 80s and Rand Paul of the early and mid 2000s (presidential hopefuls before social media), didn’t have the platform to be a sensation and be sensationalized like Donald Trump did. If Donald Trump (merely known as Donald Trump the businessman he was) had run for president before the social media era, he would have been yet another household name presidential hopeful. He wouldn’t be here today.

All that said, if we don’t like Trump (as president), we do have to come to terms with the fact that he is a post-child and representative of the levels that sensationalism and media becoming social can take you-even if you we are not qualified. Even if, rather than FROM intention, our purpose’s in life began the moment social media made it possible TO get attention: Inalienable rights we feel like we have to be successful, rich and or famous simply because we have a platform and can garner attention. If we KNOW that we are not qualified and rather than chose to work towards it, but spend more time social media winging our way through [to it], we are no different than Trump and therefore, can’t complain about Trump.

He plays on social media, he lives on social media, he’s obsessed with “the media,” he’s obsessed with the word “brand,” his ego is out of control, and hell he even confessed [that] “when you’re famous, you can just grab’em by the pussy and doing anything” [sic]

When we say: ‘I’m a brand,” I have a brand,” “here’s my Twitter, FB or IG bio, my ex amount of followers, likes and shares is this and such and such,” yet, our footprint, experience, and portfolios are nothing by comparison; we are as Trump as Trump himself. So because of, he should (too) take his scrutiny and coal-raking and deal with it. Because he (or us) are here on borrowed time by sensation and social media, so you take it how you get got it.

Two lessons to take from this:

  1. When you KNOW you are NOT qualified for something (especially that effects the lives of others) have some self-respect and press pause on your ego. Stay away from it. Whether it be love or politics, the strongest you will EVER be is to walk away from it in the middle of feeling you love or need some thing (for you).
  2. While there is a great big audience for mediocrity as, it gives hope the the cant or can’s that won’t, stop  patronizing and giving audience to its platform simply because you feel ‘hope’ in it. Demand better and you will BE greater. if you don’t there are MORE “Donald Trump’s” to come. He is only the beginning.

Furthermore, being “Donald Trump the president” doesn’t erase the fact that his “being Donald Trump” while president, should be devoid of any scrutiny BECAUSE he IS president. Did “Donald Trump” change his ways while he IS president of a country? No he did not. He’s just as pompous and rogue as he’s ever been. Threatening Donald Trump (or any president) is a firable offense, yes. All else is ‘fair game.’

Sidenote CURIOUS QUESTION: Why do we act like criticizing a president just began with Trump? As a FIRST black president, have you forgotten all the harassment Barack Obama, his wife and two (female) children endured all across social media and the Internet? He was too busy being a president to be out here fighting the media and ‘sanctioning’ his haters.




Machine Gun Kelly – Let You Go



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Christians, for some reason, immediately equate “the devil” with Atheists—versus just reasoning and reckoning with the fact that Atheist simply don’t believe in a God that (to them), “allegedly” made man but instead, believe that man made [up] God.

I think that’s where the rational, psychological disconnect is-where the interest to understand and permission to not be nice is granted because “God” is involved when, actually not of “God” at all-the “God” [Christians] claim to serve.

As a Christian, the closest to being of God and like God is to only do THE one job you have: Deliver good news and gospel. Not to interpret, or intersect.

(This, by the way, was my spiel on the Kirk Cameron hurricane comments he made that I just didn’t have time to spiel)…

As a human being, Kirk Cameron, you, or I cannot interpret what we feel “God” feels or the ‘punishment’ God is delivering or going to deliver to another one of “his children.” Yet, via religion and a bible, people like Kirk Cameron (and even his fellow Christians of the world who too, even had a problem with what he said), do the same thing less, the “hurricane.” Meaning: Christians are very quick to interpret the wrath of God upon other people the moment they learn two things about another human being:

They are an Atheist

They don’t believe in Jesus (but rather only in the God that stated thou shall have no other Gods before me).

All niceness, reason, (and sanity) pretty much goes out the window once Christians get a hold of those two things. You’re immediately going to hell in the fire in their minds.


There is no “niceness” in condemnation and nothing of, about, or “godly” in doing or speaking anything upon another human than the good news and the gospel. Let “God” handle the rest.

My basic philosophy about religion and God is, despite how many strides and overthought yet successes in science we have made, there still is a lord over so many other beauties in life and nature that can’t be duplicated by science-whether that be God or geology is an altogether other spiel and conversation. Whether good or bad karma are coincidence or acts of God is an altogether other spiel and conversation.

But what I DO know is that no different than a Chicago gang sect (that too, has an initiation process that each has to believe in, act out and exhibit revolt and wrath against another that’s not apart of [it]), how is being initiated into Christianity by process of ‘accepting Jesus as your personal saviour’ any different than a sect or gang-when too, all niceness goes out the window after discovery of the aforementioned 1 and 2 types of people?

Furthermore, if there is only one God, why are there so many methods, beliefs and ways of getting to that one God?

Because religion is business and a necessity to establish social order and control as law and order.

God is personal.

Nice is simply human, regardless.

Contrary to religious belief and practice, I refuse to believe that “God” is a god of confusion, separatism, and as sadistic, contemptuous and not nice as many would have you believe.

Carrying on:



  • Gut Bacteria May Play A Role In The Cause Of Multiple Sclerosis …if you only knew how obsessed with my study of gut health is. In case you don’t know, it’s a lot like that whistle-blowing that came out that the sugar and fat industry was at odds because one paid the other to blame its worse on the other-turns out, sugar was under the radar and fat was nearly murder. Findings are coming out that it is actually the other way around at that (by comparison to fat) sugar is the devil. Well, gut health and its connection to your brain and how its wired and its connection to our bodies is new news, too. When it comes to dieting, and even some foods, many foods that are even “good” for you are bad for your gut health, which essentially is bad anyways. I’m TOTALLY obsessed with gut health and gluten study. Ever seen somebody always poppin ‘vegan’ and despite exercise are still fat? Either they are eating too much vegan and not enough exercise but should definitely check into studying gluten effects on the body. I thought gluten consciousness what just another annoying food fad but like gut health, they are well-kept secrets.
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