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Nurses at Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida were seen inappropriately handling babies on social media and are expected to face legal action.Image source: FacebookSee some of the strange crimes that come out of Florida up ahead.  Photo: Facebook

I sooooooooo want to fight this woman…I’m at a loss for words.


Deep breath.




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I’m sorry but I think that “nannyism” is such a tacky, deadbeat mama, lazy, goldfish “sh|t your kids out and eat them” function-that deserves no less the scrutiny that (less fortunate) moms receive for being single moms—yet, are doing the best they can with what they have (less the “nanny”). Which is worse?

Although the reasoning the girl used to criticize Ayesha [for having a nanny] was completely and utterly silly, as single teen mom of a child born 5 months premature (who too), is as blind as Stevie Wonder and autistic x cerebral palsy (who too), like many teen and/or non-privileged moms—we raise our fcking kids without nanny’s everyday.

Many of us worked/work full-time jobs too (and some-like me-was finishing high school too), as fortunate as it gets for us regarding a “village” was/is help from our moms or close family members ASSISTING-no nannys—OR cooks and chefs by the way].

I understand that being fortunate, affords you perks that (rightfully so) one shouldn’t feel guilty for or be made to feel guilty about. But sh|tting out a baby/babies and hiring a nanny is one such shaming well-deserved, sorry.

That “it takes a village” cliché as an excuse reason is not acceptable.

Get mad if you wish but my humble opinion of “nanny’s” for the privileged is not one that I’m in agreement with-because the NEED is not there.

ALL women (rich or less fortunate) are BUILT for motherhood (and rearing + raising our OWN kids) just as sure as our bodies are built for birthing them.

A “perk” of being a fortunate mommy (like everything from travel, to front row seats is one thing), but being fortunate enough to NOT have to have an average life of having to work at someone ELSE’s establishment is one hell heaven of a privilege. And Ayesha Curry (and people like her) do not “need” a “nanny” for their children any more than they need a “nanny” for themselves.

If you have an “assistant” then (as a fortunate woman) that’s about the only level of “nannying” you “need” for your kids: the same assistant that’s assisting (and fetching) for you-fetching for your kids or for you for your kids. That’s it.

Ayesha Curry’s one hell of a cook, right?

Does she have a chef?

Does her nanny do the cooking too?

Probably not.

So if she oversees the culinary she can oversee the mothering, too. No excuses.

The same assistant she has around and near that fetches for her, can too, fetch for the kids—while (people like her) have the PRIVILEGE to be fortunate enough to NOT have to be away from their kids for hours at a time (unlike women in countless ghettos every effing day that are doing it AND under CONSTANT scrutiny for BEING single moms—raising their OWN children with NO nanny).

No passes this way. Sorry.

If a single (less fortunate) parent can be shamed, Ayesha Curry (and people like her) are not beyond reproach because they can afford a nanny.

That (to me) is more “shameful” than a single mom trying.

I haven’t the time to find the clip of their reality show, but Tina Campbell (of the duo “Mary Mary”) explained it PERFECTLY on their reality show a few years ago.

Although she (too) can afford to get a “nanny” all mommies (like her) should catch the epi to hear what she had to say about it.

Being a mom is SO sexy. The PRIVILEGE of being able to raise your OWN kids via the privilege of owning your own time and having your own business is a privilege-twice over is a dream most women in the hood dream of-with their kids tagging right along every step of the way-being there to enjoy every growth spurt and funny things said and done! Be grateful and take full advantage of it when you can afford it and your own your own time.

I’m sorry, that “nanny” sh|t’s unacceptable, shameful and nothing but (secretly) a status symbol. And any man who accepts that should be no less shamed, either.

I was JUST watching a clip online the other day where this woman (with a “nanny” on live cam who suddenly-when the nanny walked into the house-referred to her in her face as a “house manager”) made her self a “brand” on being a mom with a nanny whose schtick is watching other “fancy moms” put their kids on the bus in the morning while she steps put in sweats and a bonnet.

As “cute” and “funny” (as it was), she lost my respect when the “nanny” part came into play because it was unnecessary.

Furthermore, (and I started to post it to her-but I’m not paid to promote her agenda) if you can’t refer to your “nanny” (as a “nanny”) to her face, that’s even MORE proof-positive that you have a nanny as a status symbol over need.

As far as she and the Ayesha Curry’s of the world [should be] concerned, full on motherhood (with all the full court pressure that comes with it) is very much apart of being a mother. Having someone at arms reach to fetch all the things you (or your husband)’s money can buy is a job of an assistant for self and children just as sure as the privilege of owning the time your money buys.

No excuses ladies.

Try raising the roof on that village.

Just like you refer to (for yourself-your nanny as an “assistant”), change your verbiage to “assistant” over “nanny” for your kids, too. And like the mother any woman can morph into, your children would merely have an “assistant” while their mom will adapt to being the mom (she supposed to be)—and that many-a less fortunate moms are every effing day.

Miss me with the excuses (and nanny’s).

It’s lazy. It’s tacky and it’s deadbeat.

Especially after the death of my mother, as a single parent with no reliable family and a special needs child who (by necessity and situation) HAS to have an assistant in every aspect of his life, (who too), as a result of that, HAS to be in a living situation where those who assist him can and will carry on with him (rather than being tossed from to home and abused and mistreated-in the same living situation, place and space should something ever happen to me-the only one he has), if anybody can call out “nannyism” as senseless, lazy and deadbeat it’s me. Because even with all that, I’m STILL full-on and hands on with mine. And if I had support and reliability-there’d be no assistant.

All that being said, don’t you can’t debate me on this subject at all.

My son’s assistants love him madly and (I know) secretly wish I would lay off and take a vacation sometimes. My son is so quiet, sensual, funny, fun, gentle, magical, loves Ice Cube, handsome, charming and smart, and intuitive and even with nanny’s assistants (after he got older), I’ve been there to witness his personality all unfold.

Especially when you can afford it and with no situational barriers, raise your own damn kids. It’s a privilege.

While yesterday, new mom, Serena Williams wrote a touching open letter to her mom about being a mom and having an eye opening brand new respect of her own mom being a mom, her letter is pretty much null and void without the follow-through (herself) of being a real when/if the nanny comes in to play.

Hopefully she falls in love with being a full on mom as she is these past few days of exhibiting pics and odes of the joy of having given birth.

P.S. Kudos to Tina Campbell of “Mary Mary.”

I’ve LOVED you for that since the day I saw that.

Show’em how it’s done.


Moving on ..