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…and if you don’t have time to listen to anything else, scroll to the last two minutes of this interview and ask yourself that VERY question that he proposed.

He articulated that SO well. Because over the weekend, as I researched and collected COUNTLESS old Tweets, videos and stills of Donald Trump not holding his right hand (pledging allegiance to the flag himself). I felt a ‘way.’

I felt a ‘way’ when I felt the passionate VENOM of him ‘supremely’ yell: “get that son of a bitch outta here/he’s fired.”

I felt a ‘way’ when I read posts of him making statements about what a ‘privilege’ is it to be making millions of dollars and question how dare somebody not bow down to that (essentially).

I somehow felt that as rich man (by inheritance and EVENTUAL business building), considering his right hands remaining to his side, Donald Trump didn’t feel like HE owes it to pledge allegiance to the American flag but that the “typical types” of men “given” the “opportunity” (rather than earning working and risking their lives on the field), DO owe it to bow down and pledge.

It’s deeper than the surface. When you take into account, Donald Trump’s neglecting to pay American taxes, his obvious personal gripes and grudges with how the countries been run and how in less than his six months in office, WHO he’s taken his personal issues out ON, Donald Trump’s grudge is more about supremacy than he CARES about pleging a flag that HE himSELF doesn’t pledge to and an AMERICA that HE himself hasn’t even paid taxes TO.