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…Mannn listen. When I see people do stuff like this (or aren’t moved and don’t fret at driving in the snow) they are superhuman heroes to me! I’ll never forget my friend had her boyfriend super-duper long Cadillac one weekend and we met for lunch one afternoon and the way she was pulling in and whipping that long sucker around, maneuvering and parking, I was sitting in the car looking like an inspired kid. She got out of the car like “girl why are you looking like that!?” I slapped her like, “you GO girl,” you handled long ass car like it was no more than a Honda!”

We cracked up laughing. Like watching people smoke (and stuff), I love seeing people do (and feel) superhuman things like handling large objects and unafraid of moving and maneuvering in the snow and obstacles. If you can do stuff like (these things) you are a rockstar to me. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have a fetish for observing bravado and having control over a/something. I DON’T KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The video:

I am SO over the “reaching” for attention on social media/in the effort to ‘go viral’, but this gets a pass. LoL





Dear Media and Law Enforcement (and Profilers), please come to terms with the fact that this nut:

– Wasn’t broke

– Wasn’t homeless, a vagabond or living out of his car

– Had a lil’ money, therefore access

– Was white (not brown or ISIS-connected as even THEY claim)

– Didn’t this horrific act-acting alone

– Somehow flew under the radar and managed to get this amount of ammunition by a swanky hotel’s staff

-only “motive” was that he was sick and obviously angry and not well and a cautionary tale of what happens when you have money, and an unwell mind.




Jimmi Simpson, Bokeem Woodbine and Josh Duhamel star in the drama, set to premiere this winter on the cabler.May I be the first to admit something? We lovers of hip-hop would want nothing more than Biggie and Tupac getting some of this new phase of life with us-oh boy what a joy it would be to watch them carry on, on social media and rolling with the homies and see just who in this new era of hip hop they’d fcks with. But where each’s homicide is concerned, I am SO OVER the rhetoric and conspiracies and talk about something we are still getting no solid answers for. It’s like, we are hanging on to these two tragedies as the dangling participles of hip hop in order to give it significant when both are significant to hip hop in and of themselves and in their own rights.

That said, can we just enjoy and appreciate their lives and legacies and stop this until we get (real) answers please?









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  • Former Met Justin Turner carries Dodgers with five-RBI night
  • Cam Newton Says Something Stupid, Loses Sponsors, and Then Puts on a Master Class in Sincere Apologies (you can say this with me Scandal-fast) …complete fckry all the way around. Him: fucking himself by falling back on what he (obviously) meant as a compliment and a sentiment of endearment and intrigue, yet playing the fckboy media puppet and apologizing for something he didn’t even mean-with still having lost sponsors over “sexist-shaming?” a female reporter for questioning a sports play who (herself-even worse) is on record for using the “n” word (in the context of trying to be up on culture lingo). This, people, is Fckry 101 x 360 at its finest. And Cam Newton’s a clown—I mean, puppet. How ’bout just saying “I’m not going to apologize because I meant it as a compliment as, I was intrigued with a female able to spit sports lingo.” What happened to simply being ‘one’ and at peace with (what obviously) was your truth? He lost all my respect on this. There’s nothing more soul-snatching and spiritless to me than media puppet. He still has a pair of the prettiest legs on a guy to me, but that whole thing (and he) simply annoyed me on this.He should have just stood his ground and said “I was actually flattered.” Because what “she said” happened afterwords-we have no proof of, but we DO have proof of what SHE SAID before all this:

Related image

She has a propensity for liking to study and use lingo whether it be sports or the ‘n’ word used among (some) black people.