[FREE NEWS PEEP] 📌Actor James Woods Retires From Acting-Says He’s Blacklisted For Being a Conservative (He’ll Be Missed–By Me At Least) 📌Popular Romance Radio DJ Delilah Loses Son to Suicide via Depression 📌Nelly Said He’s Innocent 📌Trump Wants “Equal Time” To Trade Quips with his Late Night Show Haters 📌[Spiel] Charlottesville “Fine People” Return With Tiki Torches -The Problem With These “Groups” 📌and More!


Too bad. I happened to like James Woods in “The Specialist” and “Rambo” and I don’t usually like the bad guy in movies–unless he deals drugs and/or is powerful and rich.

…speaking of the bad guy that deals drugs...entre vous Eric Roberts. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I fell in love with him in this movie. That FLAT nose and that big block head. His body was great. I’ve loved him since this movie–that I used to watch back to back LoL. Watch his sexy self: “What I want. I take…”

*grabs face: Ah Take me! Take me Eric! LoL. And check out how he scans her up and down right quick after he says it! Listen, I have a fetish for bravado and such remember?

Anywho, check him out:

…Like..I NEVER want to run into a guy like that, I’m SURE he’d forfeit all my rules and surrender my tough-as-nailness!

Side note: IF you haven’t seen this movie-DO. The Estefan’s laid the soundtrack OUT for this Miami-based jont. This movie is action-packed and sexy as ever. LoL. Gracias! Gloria Estefan/Miami Sound Machine!


  • Romance Radio host Delilah shares heartbreaking news of her son’s suicide Image result for radio host delilah imagethis is sad to hear. I used to listen to Deliah on WARM 98. She was the inspiration behind my writing this poem. Lemme explain it. Secret fact about me: I like to make music to match the mood of the moment with whom I am intimate. And the few friends who knew this about me, I used to tell them how the feelings that the feeling you want to travel through your significant others spirit, mind and body can happen if you select the RIGHT SONG with the RIGHT LYRICS to SPEAK FOR YOU (whether you are making love or just having a chill time together or just riding in the car!) So..fast forward. My friend was in love with a guy that was feeling her too, but she wanted his feelings turned up for a a notch (to meet the way she felt). So I let her in on (what I called) my “sensual synthesis secret” (the music choice thing I explained above in caps). So she was like, “please make me one for when we are making love and then one for when we chill and are out for the night!” So, (because I know the details of their relationship, and knew what my friend felt and wanted to stir inside of HIM), I got busy. Fast forward, she won! She had him whipped! He couldn’t get enough of her! She came over to my house after about a week and thought I was MAGIC!

Fast forward. Years later, I started hearing this lady on the radio answering calls and listening to people’s romance woes and then putting on a song for them! IT WAS THIS LADY-Delilah! So I asked my mom about her (because my mom was soooo resourceful-there was hardly any question about anything she didn’t have and answer for)-and just so happen, she pretty much had Delilah’s complete bio in mind! She knew she was married and had a family and all that. She knew her radio stats and her career path-all that. I was like “mom I want her job!” My mom laughed but she didn’t know that I secretly like to make (and listen to) certain music to set the ambiance (or take over) a scene/experience or moment in love and romance. So when I heard Delilah on the radio, I used to pull over and listen! If I was driving or if I was home-I would lay there and listen-COVETING her job! I WANTED a job like this as, I love music and relationship solving kinda stuff.

Well let me stop there because I just wanted to give you some background as to how I came across Deliliah. I am sooooo sorry to hear about this. I feel like I know her! I wish her all the best and offer my sincerest condolences during this time. She had a fan out here that she didn’t even know. She’s awesome.Tap her pic to be routed to what she had to say about her son she lost on October 3. According to the article connected to his post, she also lost a son in 2012 to sickle cell anemia. How sad Who knew! 🙁

And let me be real (so as to add humor to this so-sad story about Delilah). The question I asked my mom about her was “mom is she a lesbian?” (because her radio voice reminded me of the soothing feel of this midwife and girl doing this vanity procedure for me that I used to go). My mom was like: “NO! Delilah is married with children!” and went on with her lil’ history and all. I will never forget that day. It was so funny. I miss my mom. And so sad to hear this about Delilah. I was a BIG fan of hers.

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  • White nationalists return to Charlottesville…Yawnssssssssssssssss. Take a look at and heed how fast “15 minutes of fame” lasts in this digital age and ask yourself if it’s worth it. See, that’s all these “fine people” (that Trump spoke of) wanted was some attention-kicking and screaming about an “issue” that has no IV for its veins while these PATHETIC BUMS of CHOOSE to be bum-minded blame races of people and find solace in holding on to monuments and outdated ideologies in order to hold on to their silly feelings because they are too lazy to take advantage of the white privilege laid out for them here in America. This, coming from somebody who (although is in agreement with its underlying fight and plight) is NOT a “member” of “Black Lives Matter” or fan of it until [I see, feel, and experience] that those in politics, media, activism/social media activism are cohesive and exhibit that “Blacks Lives DO Matter” (black to black), dammit. Until they realize that until who they WANT to care about Black Lives Mattering  witness a strong camaraderie, the “fight” will continue. Even as a media powerhouse in this game, I’ve experienced more hate (and cliquey, insecure, rivalrous, inferior-minded, scared, crabs-in-a-barrel mentality] pockets of collective resistance, behind the blog: turbulence, coveting, drama, jealousy, and anger from “Blacks” (all/only “blacks”) than I should even be AWARE of. But..”Black Lives Matter,” right? K. So when I say what I say about “white nationalists” (or anything on race)…take my word for it. I’m not biased. I don’t have a “side” right now. I simply speak the truth as I see (or experience it)–as a INDIVIDUAL, FREE SPIRIT that does NOT clique up and link up with (behind the scenes) fake “positive,” mean-spirited people selectively “kind” to only their lessors for their own Internet hype to leverage themselves for their own personal agendas. Respect it. Mad? That means you’re guilty of all that I speak. Get your shit together. White Nationalists need to STOP pumping that dated rhetoric and slinging hate because they are too lazy to step into their privilege just like Black Lives Matter need to STOP expecting other races and groups to bestow up you what you, yourself don’t even bestow within your own race. I’ve been hurt by white people in life, but I shouldn’t have had to go through the same kind of hurt, from black people, simply working hard at doing what I love. It’s better to be indifferent than antagonistic. At least, then, you can fake who you say you are (publicly) undetected (behind the scenes). Integrity is about not ONE person having proof (when folks aren’t watching/don’t know) opposite what/who you say you are and fight for publicly. I speak on this in detail in my book MASTERMINDING the MILLENNIAL MATRIX: How to Maintain Your Sanity, Sense of Self, Brand, Business and uber-Understanding of the Secrets Behind Our Social Media Society here. Respect it. Mad? That means you’re guilty of all that I speak. Get your shit together. It wouldn’t piss you off if it doesn’t apply to you. LUCKILY, I can turn a deaf ear to it and manuever through while soaring because I’m a beast and a force to be reckoned with in this game. But if I wasn’t a top force in this game, I would have been CRUSHED (or left get to get in line with their legions of social media lessors and ducks). So I speak for people who are and could have been that. I’m not duck, anymore than i don’t duck from speaking truth and real shit in life.

Every other black person on social media is a “business” or a “brand” having to do with something media-related and famous-like. Black people had the chance to run online media the way whites run radio and television media the way Jews run Hollywood…and DROPPED THE BALL- getting caught up in groups for Internet celebritydrom before ORGANIZING…positively AS A MEDIA BUSINESS in which all facets of black news, arts, business, pop culture, politics and entertainment OWNED the platform and got their messages out. That route HAS to be respected. Sectors of hashtags groups, twit pics and tweets don’t. Where else in the world (today) could you be within arms reach of millions of people with your agenda or interests in mind but through social media / the Internet? NOW all that’s left is feeling like were so “great” because (black culture is good for marketing) leaving nothing but something to cry up and down a timeline about being culture vultured or as IF “yassss”‘ing a #blackgirlmagic and countless hashtags like such will garner the understanding and respect sought of and through a #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Who ever needed permission to take from, hurt,  or disregard that which isn’t organized as a group BUSINESS powerhouse? Access to media/free speech is written in the constitution. That tells you that (in this country) media is a U.S powerhouse, alone. Organizing (over sectors) was the only BEST way. Social media is riddled with no (black) media business organizations (and instead) littered with clawing, inter-race social media sectors of people jumping from issue to issue to attach to their own personal brands, person and agendas to.

And before you ask “why didn’t YOU begin this movement you speak of” bust this: When I started blogging, I wanted (what I called) a “BLOGGING MECCA.” I was blasting all over social media-inclusive, making my presence known-introducing myself and offering inclusion to list articles (that didn’t even have to be “exclusive” to my site only). Long story short, it was shot down sub-tweeted and dissed because I had no twit pics hob-knobbing with celebs (which is NOT my interest unless I’m doing business) yet they had NO idea they all are a fan of my number ONE fan-one of the biggest IN the business and Oprah knew my name long before social media began (scroll up to that little blue book and tap those links in that embedded tweet and read on).

Anyways, I wasn’t gonna beg. Never have, and never will be a duck, a lessor, or a follower. My work speaks for itself. I don’t feel rivalrous among other greats. My talent, skill, business knowledge, acumen and ink are BEASTLY. I do my own thing and love to work with that with others. I started OtherSideoftheFame in 2014 (built a portfolio of approx. 3000 blogs in less than 3 years. There are people with blogs since 2005 and don’t have 1000). Followed by SelfieStyleStories in May 2017, I started ToriSpilling.com in January 2016 and built THAT VERY “Blogging Mecca” on my OWN self and now they all come here-and claw out there while I steadily climb with more resources and connects that I can even HANDLE. I need a staff of about 200 to do all that I want and could do in this game with all the resources and connects that I have. I aint wanting for sh!t but ownership of my time-full time.

With that all explained, this I say: When I first began this online mag venture, I used to be sad, and I was scared. Scared as HELL. When I was bullshitting and playing around on FB and social media, all was well and the support was in the do-nothingness. When I started taking care of business and rolling out my writing business (as was even before social media even began) people got quiet, and ducked and hid. It’s like the volume got turned down and NOBODY (some friends, social media friends or family) showed support. The (black) writing community saw rivalry where should have been camaraderie (especially knowing that our work is disregarded as not “real” literature (but that’s another story). When I added blogging to that, the (black) blog community and their buddies felt like they had to pledge allegiance to who they rocked with first. Bloggers (who I supported) who now are either defunct, m.i.a (or suffering and now)…took that and spinned it into a marketing tool. I had NO ONE in my corner. I cried. Picked my head up, and shut down by turned a deaf ear to it all. I was already out there and couldn’t turn back. I got on my knees to the Most High and got busy. And so here I am and I BUILT blogging mecca “and more!”.

What I learned from that is: I wasn’t SUPPOSED to “fit in blend in” (like I thought). I was SUPPOSED to stand out (like I do).

I had to come to terms with the fact that people who know you (friends and family) try to act like they “don’t know” until the world told ’em so. People who don’t know you (social media friends) don’t like to show up for fear of “growing” you and won’t if they can’t get reciprocity or something out of linking to you or lacing you with cheap marketing flattery as reciprocity. When I started accepting things for what they were as presented and observed, I felt freer and I don’t have the angst that I observe. My original mission was accomplished in having that “blogging mecca” that I had a envisioned where I simply wanted other sources to have a voice alongside mine-so the world could see it. Just that. Now OtherSideoftheFame is my voice. ToriSpilling.com is the worlds voice. SelfieStyleStories is the #1 social media trend’s news information and OSFMag provides that other one: Podcast, blogging and top online business happening news and info. I’m cornering this web like a fucking tarantula. And I aint playing around or caring WHO’s mad about it.

Lesson in this: Be kind to people. You never know WHAT they have to offer or what could be built by CAMARADERIE and meeting of the minds, skills and talents. Stop pretending to be so positive and ‘personality extraordinare’ on a timeline to the world but behind it all, have NO personality and business acumen, and cliquey, clawing and insecure when REAL #blackgirlmagic” presents itself. Zzzzzzzzzzzzling.💫

Stop acting out that Willie Lynch letter-embarrassing yourself and being a crab in a barrels. Take that “read” and truth with love (if love and “positivity” is what you claim to be ABOUT).

Only ignorance is kind. If all that I just said made you uncomfortable, good. There’s no comfort in the truth...so sang a singer once before.

With love, “AngFrank” just being frank.

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Moving on.