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  • Virtual Therapists Help Veterans Open Up About PTSD
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Invests in Plant-Based Food Startup Beyond Meat
  • Sociologists Reclassify BDSM As “Leisure Activity” In Bid To Remove Stigma …I think this is necessary. It has such a deviate stigma surrounding it because of how and when it portrayed in the eyes of people who don’t understand the lifestyle whereas it’s as simply complicated as my preference for pleasure giving or receiving while being contained or out of control is one thing, but the next person may like being taken out of control and enjoy pain. Everything depends on the person. Unknown fact: I used to chat with people (male or female), discover uncover their secret desires and place them into BDSM situations without even using the term. Although my preference is extreme pleasure, some people do like extreme pain. I torture upon request or at sensing that what they’d want initially or midways-but not as an immediate start-in. At any rate. I REALLY enjoyed it–aLOT and heavily considered (and still do) making a business of it. At any rate, it’s a good idea that sociologists are giving it a different name. No matter how you feel about it, sex is just a natural a human function (and need) as food and water. And just like food and water, everybody likes their sex hot, cold, varying and tailored to their own taste.





  • Trump blasts Dem who said he made insensitive remark about fallen soldier: ‘Totally fabricated’….I don’t know who to believe but if I had to make a snap judgment, Trump’s reputation precedes him, so a statement like such is not far from his character and level of care (about people un-like/that are not like him). But by contrast, I would assume the Florida lady politician (who too, claims to have witnessed the statement being said) would assume the conversation was being recorded ..therefore she wouldn’t be that desperate to pin such a thing on the president of the United States you know. *shrugs.       The funny thing about the fact that Trump stays in the media (fighting the media) about what he ultimately goes on Twitter and proves as possibly being something he did, does or is capable of doing. Speaks volumes. His being a businessman or a president doesn’t stand a chance. Him being the person he shows up being, daily, speaks for him. Even his own supporters probably wouldn’t douabt he said such a thing. He says and does so many things that doesn’t give him the benefit OF reasonable doubt that he would NOT do all the things that he does or says (allegedly or otherwise). I know somebody (right now) that is, always has, and does THEE most surprisingly unbelievable things (privately), but in public-90% of people that don’t know them/their public–[they] would immediately say “impossible.” That person has the benefit of the doubt (that they would be incapable of what these things are). Because their public self and their private self are two TOTALLY different people. Trump doesn’t have that kind of public “credit.”


MGM: Las Vegas security guard is not missing

REWIND: Mystery surrounds whereabouts of Mandalay Bay security guard

Security guard in Las Vegas massacre missing; NBC News chief feels Weinstein heat

  • Jesus Campos, Vegas security guard shot before rampage, appears to have vanished
  • The story of the hotel security guard injured in the Las Vegas shooting just gets weirder
  •       Las Vegas security guard reappears on the set of ‘Ellen’ …I can sooooooooooooo appreciate him not wanting media attention for something that was a human impulse. TRUTHFULLY, when someone hides from the media knowing they are being searched for, for a good deed; I secretly question what else hidden they might not want to come out. But when I learned he declined to take money from Ellen for that very SAME good deed-that was in line with his insistence on remaining out of the media spotlight. Considering my loving sacred things, and experiences (even MORE nowadays than ever), this was REFRESHING to see that there are STILL people in the world that don’t crave world attention even DESPITE doing a good deed. I like him. And if I were a philanthropist and had the money to do it, this is somebody I would find a way to secretly send a whole lot of money to and insist that he use it (for the VERY same reason that I just explained). Good guy here. He gave me HOPE that there are still normal people in the world whose sincerity and intention align with their action.
  • Floating hospital sits near Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria with empty beds
  • Doctors in Puerto Rico: ‘Reality here is post-apocalyptic’
  • Tennessee historical board denies request to remove Confederate statue
  • Michigan Man Turns Himself in After Police Complete His Facebook Challenge …an annoying representation and visual of the lengths we will go through for pointless 15-minutes of fame and attention that ultimately wastes our time and yields nothing in theirs but an additional 15 minutes of…nothing but attention]. Social media ruins friendships, families, lives, and minds. [So many] people have dragged and turned a genius invention into a vehicle that ultimately ruins [their] minds, and warps all sense, sensibilities and semblances of normalcy for attention. For what, man? Get a LIFE-by way of social media if you just “want attention.” Duhh.
  • Suspect surrenders with doughnuts after cops accept Facebook challenge …”the media” has (officially) been ruined when ‘media’ went ‘social.’ That age-old, pre-social media complaint beginning with the words: “the media” has nothing on the annoyance of “the social” since “the media” has gone social media. As a private person (who has to intentionally remember that what I do, I have to step put there TO do), people who value privacy and living a low-key life have never become so attractive to me. As a psych student, (with regard to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) I highly understand “the need for beloningness” and connectedness (as, it is a human need), but (as philosophy student) I say: That “need” has either gone too far since social media or magnified the need is greater in some over others. The question is, which, which?

See, more silliness (and this one is dangerous):

  • Sick ’48-Hour Challenge’ Facebook game is encouraging kids to go missing  …Social media was a good invention and is a good compass by which to test mentalities (like the guy in the story above this)…I judge adult’s (mentalities-hard). Kids have an excuse: that they don’t know any better. We can only hope they are not being raised by parents with mentalities like the guy in the previous story because if so-they are ruined-twice over. It’s going to take years for people to realize that social media is simply ‘a way of life’ and if you just simply want/need attention-the sensible way is to GET a life by way of it at the very least. I’m not being mean, but I REALLY want people to realize that social media is a new way of life that will forever be here 24/7/365. The ‘crazy’ in it happens we don’t realize that and we do pointless, attention-seeking things for it. Mentally, it’s not healthy and actually a clear indicator that we (obviously) want attention but won’t use our skills, talent or minds to do things worth garnering attention for. Granted, people “invent” altruistic ways to garner attention nonetheless (like making up “positive” causes etc), and although that too, is annoying-if the ends to the means yields help where needed, I have no complaints. I’ll take that over silly, self-serving ways to get attention just to waste our time.

I have faith that we will all realize this and these things-that if you just “need” attention and won’t use your own skills, talent or mind, at least go be “fake positive” put it to good use for somebody else that really needs it.The APA (American Psychology Association)’s DSM (Diathesis Stress Model) writers, doctors and committees probably haven’t enough time in the day to study, name, keep up with, and list the amount psychological disorders birthed since social media-for the types that attention seek to varying extremes for nothing (or, too, even something).

FTR: I think I need to elaborate more on this via #AngFrankPodcast…and I will list it under along with the other ones I promise to speak on.


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Let’s have a chuckle at how life’s imitating art:





In 2015, Jermaine was caught for practically the same thing: Child actor from Lean on Me ‘caught buying 200 pounds of cannabis from undercover cops’

This country acts like weed is the next worst thing since Lucifer yet meth, crack and heroin make zombies out of people who will (literally) KILL you for it. The most that people who smoke weed will do to you is fall asleep on you or eat all the goodies from your cabinets or fridge. Smh. *Eye roll


LoL. You GO Melissa!

This is Melissa’s mug shot.

Stevie Wonder Surprises Kimmel Audience (Stevie Wonder is soooooooo funny) LoL: