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Literal much?

..whether this article is true or not, she needs a humbling of some kind. Sometimes our much needed lessons or necessary reflections come by way of other things that we do. I do however, get where she was going with the “joke” and sometimes (whether you’re a writer or comedian—who too, has to write their own jokes or have writers write them for them), you want some material centered around current events. But in comedy, jokes are a finer line now, than ever before because revolt is just as “the new publicity” and offending and shock value in other areas is [the new publicity”]. Revolt carries more weight. It vibrates and rolls on longer today than it ever has in history. It’s publicity for all who’s offended just as offensive as it is to those who are actually (and really) offended—whether that be a Dove commercial or Nene Leakes making a joke about rape in a rape-sensitive climate where the issue of rape is on the world radar and table currently.


But back to her though. With its ready-made audience and inspireds connecting to and seeing hope through reciprocity in it-therefore will circulate it-coonery and being loud is the new marketable-the new “approachable” attached to the culture [and especially black and other ‘ethnic’ culture]. Widely known for fighting her “haters” through slinging how “rich” and ‘in demand’ she is, Nene IS one who (for years) has carried on like she is irreplaceable. So whether this article be true or not, the lesson here is that although the new “marketable” seems irreplaceable, it is all but a prop over being essential. Because it’s just as easy to stick a camera and a mic in a stranger’s face and lace a story for the same effect as it is making somebody “rich” to do it. Good news: Due to ‘going viral,’ coonery and loud-talking will always be marketable. Bad news: A career made of it can be knocked of its square with enough revolt. It’s like I mentioned one paragraph up: Revolt carries more weight. It vibrates and rolls on longer today than it ever has in history. I (personally) get it (the ‘jokes’). But you’ve got to be real careful about joking what’s on America / social media’s radar: rape, terrorism/beheadings. etc. Regardless if (two people like Donald Trump or Wendy Williams-who often piss people off) are the scapegoats of the subject. Still, when the subject is on the world’s radar and table, the joke backfires at the joker’s expense (nowadays). This is the social media information age, where a lot (revolving around publicity) is a domino-effect of invested collective revolt.











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