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Weinstein faces new sexual assault allegation, Miramax lawsuit

…Deep sigh. Man…..forcing a woman into a position by pinning her down against her will to perform oral sex on her is the ‘predatorist’ or predatory. Do you understand what our vagina goes through monthly and daily. We have to give it to you when WE want to. You can’t just take it! We know what’s up. Ew. Man. Terrible!.

Colony NorthStar Exec. Chairman: The Weinstein name is finished:

Tom Hanks on Hollywood’s tipping point over sexual misconduct:

What Tom Hanks has to say about the Weinstein scandal:


Amid Weinstein fallout, Trump accusers ask: What about us?


Let’s review a few:

Nope. Great idea, but nope. No coming into my home.


…Let’s keep it real. All men (and even boys-until they are taught right from wrong) are pervs. Studies show that the amount of times (sex on the mind) rules male thought is twice to three times the amount that women think of sex. Men also have a peen that rises with what they see combined WITH those thoughts.

SOME men say things inappropriately at inappropriate times to people outside of their minds and reciprocal intimate experiences.

Others take it further step further: assault, rape, sex to overpower from being in a position of power.

Everything from dirty, unwanted comments to groping is about as necessary a thing men have to control as their decision to be monogamous.

Neither is more right than the other, but all peen-packing men need a 24/7/365 lifetime of self-talk for self-control to avoid these situations altogether.