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  • The Basis of the Universe May Not Be Energy or Matter but Information …as a science nerd and outside of my (obvious) keen interest in “information” (and technology) I SO totally believe this—and for that reason (as it’s re-shaping fears, relationships, entire personalities and many other human dynamics having come to the surface) I feel that people need to get really conscious (in control of) and on top of understanding this (people who aren’t aware of information THROUGH technology changing them/as having the power TO change them if they aren’t ‘woke’ and aware). In case you didn’t know, I’m TOTALLY writing books and write-ups all about this kind of thing. Head here , herehere, and copy book one, here. In the name of urban slang “get woke” THAT’S what you’d better “get work’ on. It’s SOooo ultra important because technology (and information because of) is not going back to life of old/the ‘way it was.’ And it’s advancing in ways unpredicted. We had phases of life and society “predicted” (order of steps and how practical life happens–like I explain in here), hell…we even has some technology predicted. But technology that gives way to information at our disposal was NOT predicted. So, we are all out here ‘winging’ it and ‘it’ is still busy advancing. THAT is why it is crucial to stay on top of understanding the universe’s (old) science being that of energy and matter v. information (by way of technology). Secretly, (interpersonally-friendships, relationships, acquaintances) over ‘superficialities’ and materialisms etc, I judge by that. It’s my new social/moral compass. I secretly “judge” discern people’s intelligence (emotional intelligence x social intelligence x ‘artificial’/technological intelligence) by way of that. It’s my ‘cancel’ or accept, point. My “woke” meter.
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