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📌Dear Omarosa Manigult. Chill out.

You’re just getting in where you fit in fitting in where you can get in and you’re only “pro-Trump” because that’s the last check you KNOW your manipulating, diabolical, trouble-making a$$ is able to collect from ANYBODY on tv or real life. Keep it real. Stop embarrassing yourself to stay famous. Have some pride and dignity about yourself. Lest we not forget Trump treated you like a runaway slave -running into his office claiming you got hit on the head with a piece of paint plaster. You COULDN’T be this desperate. On the flip side, if you needed a check THAT bad, you would’ve best served this “administration” you’re in by publicly (only) having to say/explain (to Black journalists or otherwise) : “I have a job to do.”

Nobody “thinks” you should to anything but have the self-respect you incessantly want people to believe you have. Miss me with all this. From the seat of my chair in my ‘modest’ financial state today, Trump and this messy administration (with these PERSONAL, FEAR-BASED AGENDAS) couldn’t pay me $1 million a WEEK to be on his payroll and so much as lick STAMPS for him-and intertwined in this daily mess. Just collect your check and hush. Speaking of (your speaking of) Obama/Dems: Not a peep was heard nothing from you–when you were employed/under the Dem administration. And you CERTAINLY should be quiet as a church mouse (with the ‘extras’ outside of your contracted duties) under this administration.

Just like Trump, on the world stage as a microscope and frame of reference that thwarts any ‘pre’conceived notions about his leadership, has RUINED himself even as a businessman (once these four years are over), so goes YOUR personal and “professional” life.

Think about it: If you can’t even FAKE humility, being diplomatic in a position where the entire world’s eyes in not only ON you, but being lead BY you, you can’t be trusted elsewhere. Your boss couldn’t even strategically use this opportunity to catch bees with honey, honey.

That says aLOT. Get ‘woke’ child. When you have pride and self-respect, NOBODY can pay a one red cent whose beliefs and actions aren’t in line with the root of who I am and the effects of the people who make up who i am even IF it becomes who I ‘was.’ Default goes to the root of it all. Fault goes to who YOU chose to be lead BY.

Fck a “party.” Be concerned about your “person.” I don’t care if I agree with every single dotted ‘i’ and crossed ‘t’ of ANY (particular) “party” (political,. interpersonal, or otherwise). Because if the likes of me wouldn’t be invited outside of being a part of that “party,” consider me tardy not even coming. But then again, my self-respect comes first.