Not So Funny: FDA Approves “Sileo” Dog Meds For Anxiety

What’s good for goose is good for the gander good for us all is good for the dog.

Happy 4th isn’t so happy for our four legged friends who, if dogs could talk, would kindly tell us to save the Internet acronym for fear: False Evidence/Emotion Appearing Real.

For them, aint NOTHING false about firecrackers popping off-they fear’em.

Tip 1: Don’t soothe your furry friend by patting him/her when panicking from firecrackers popping off. That’s not a “reward” so don’t pat them instead, wrap them in a blanket so as to let them know you are soothing them and trying to ease their fear


Tip 2: Experts say letting you dog walk around on cool, tile floors help soother him/her, as well.

Each year, vets say the week of July 5 is