OSF HEADQUARTERS: Compartmentalizing and categorizing the plethora of news and information in our world and passing it on to you!

So as you can see, there’s a lot that goes in to the ToriSpilling formula to make ToriSpilling be what it is-in an effort to offer a compartmentalized experience of news you can use from all that’s coming towards you in a days time.

Our readers are loyal, patient and HEAVILY engaged with our content with a low bounce rate-meaning, they like to know what is going on in the world and happen to love who ToriSpilling spills it all:


Even over the major’s (posted below this site) and other blog and news sites; ToriSpilling’s site engagement time and bounce rate rules the roost. It’s not that we’re bragging but from a business point, that tells us one thing: That while breaking and trending news is necessary, people were in need of and wanted a way to get their news on their own time and in compartments, too. ToriSpilling simply found an innovative way to do that. And we’re proud of that.

All previous featured content in this section’s site’s are umbrella’d under OSFMag.

OSFMag is owned by the one (and only)  person who is the content curator, writer, author, media maestro and executive of all decision making of all that’s researched, chosen, written up and posted on all the sites: Angela Sherice.

The site headquarters for it can be by tapping into the OSFMag world:

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