📌(Updated 6.23.17) Otto Warmbier Likely Suffered Severe Neurological Injury Just After His Trial? That + More Articles and Headlines on Otto Through His 6/22 Funeral Services


As news continues to come in on Otto and this N. Koreas situation, we will (of course) continue to post ANY and all new updates on it in our World News category. If you are following this, just search Otto Warmbier, Korea, or North Korea and if news is reported (to our pipeline of news suppliers), we will list and link you to it.

Thousands turn out for Otto Warmbier’s memorial service



  • Otto Warmbier Laid To Rest In His Ohio Hometown Thursday | NBC Nightly News


Girlfriend of Otto Warmbier Believed He Was Her ‘Soulmate’


Otto Warmbier mourned at funeral in Ohio


Watch Otto Warmbier’s High School Graduation Speech From 2013 | NBC News













..this story is sooooo sad.



I’m so sorry for his parents. So, so sorry.