Crazy, Sexy, Cool: Atlanta Judge Ruled Cool For PEEBLES To Sue VH1’s VIACOM

To believe. Or not to believe. That is the question. It just takes a street degree.

Quietly brewing behind the Viacom scenes is a legal battle involving the group TLC and their former manager Peebles.



The “Girlfriend”—How Could You Let ‘Em Treat You So Bad singer aint havin’ it!


Well as you may know, the 2013 VH1 TLC “Crazy, Sexy Cool” biopic aired and all eyes were on several stories that had long ridden along with the group just as sure as the raggedy Toyota Rav4 did, that the girls rode around in before they got big. All the while they claimed broke and penniless while on the radio and making a name for themselves, the trio asserted the “Mercedes” singer was definitely riding pretty while the girls made off with a weekly amount to the tune of $25 bucks.

Intertwined and mixed within the group’s troubles was Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez burning down NFL star Andre Rison’s mansion, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins’ illness, Rozonda “Chili” Thomas’ mothering a child by the group’s producer, and a trailer load of other ups and downs, Pebbles was rumored to have hit the girls with a bam-bam a time or two.vintage-tlc-and-peebles

Rumor had it that pretty much that Pebbles (then-married to music mogul L.A Reid and whose real name is Perri Reid) took the girls for quite a ride yet, it was her that had the Mercedes money.

When the biopic aired, rumors surfaced that Pebbles was not happy with her portrayal in the biopic licensed by VH1’s Viacom.


Although Pebbles made her rounds to