Planned Parenthood ‘Posers’ Behind Undercover Sting Indicted By Grand Jury

You remember the videos floating around social media last summer where a Planned Parenthood exec was (“allegedly”) caught out there at lunch having wine and spirits and talking about the ones lefts behind from many unsuspecting women i.e: talking [about] the sell of baby parts…”human tissue” of aborted fetuses.

Obviously, according to the video, this stuff is big business and is all kinds of ways disgusting and disheartening.

Given the nature (and controversy) behind the decision for a woman to terminate pregnancy is often times hard enough.

For many, the emotional, mental effects after having done never go away.

Apparently (after having seen the video) some part/s of them really do live on-who knew!?

The thought that unknowing women’s DNA left behind along with (many women)’s guilt and shame; it’s disheartening and unfortunate to think that someone would be ducked off collecting a jar of hearts to sell on the black market.

(And here I thought the worse I’d heard years ago was a guy I knew who, as a young man, worked at a very popular chicken joint—and as a side hustle, said he’d cut side deals with