📌Books Trumps Need To Read Before Getting The Nuclear Codes 📌Jesus Take The Wheel: 100 More Vacancies Under Trump Administration 📌2017: Guns, Weed and Catfish 📌and More!


  1. I CALLED THIS. HIRE ME: President Obama plans to write a book once he leaves the Oval Office
  2. The Embarrassing Moment That Made Obama Want To Quit Politics
  3. The Latest: Trump resumes Twitter fight against Obama
  4. West Virginia nonprofit director who called Michelle Obama an ‘Ape in heels’ in racist Facebook post is fired
  5. Administration close to announcing measures to punish Russia for election interference
  6. Former Trump staffer gets 30 days in jail after being convicted on 10 counts of election fraud
  7. Sen.-Elect Harris Hiring Black Legislative Director
  8. Paul Ryan Wants To Kill The First Amendment, Then Kill Your Healthcare – And That Could Kill You
  9. Weed, guns and catfish: 2017 brings new laws, big changes
  10. From A Science Perspective: Books Trump Should Read Before Getting The Nuclear Codes
  11. Intelligence agencies sued for records on Russian election interference
  12. Senator Daines: Time for Congress to come clean and tell you what its budget proposals really cost
  13. OF COURSE: Carl Paladino, a Trump Ally, Says Racist Remarks About Obamas Were Sent in Error
  14. ENCORE: Paladino says his comments about Obamas were emailed to Artvoice by mistake
  15. The Obamas Thank Troops In Final Visit To Hawaii Base
  16. Obama Is A Fan Of Black Activist Who Compared Trump To Paris Terrorists
  17. WTF: ‘The Wealthy Would Never Steal’ — A Credo for Trump’s Party
  18. Trump’s pick for ambassador to Israel sparks hot debate
  19. John Kerry To Deliver Obama’s Plan To Solve The Israel-Palestinian Conflict
  20. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL: There Are More Than 100 Judicial Vacancies Awaiting President-elect Trump
  21. Trump revealed the impotence of celebrities
  22. Donald Trump inauguration security planners brace for protests
  23. Donald Trump now does things he criticized Hillary Clinton for
  24. Reid: White House options for 2020 resemble ‘an old-folks’ home’
  25. Five border security priorities for Trump in his first 100 days
  26. ‘What An Insult…’ — Huckabee Explains Why Hillary Should Be FURIOUS With Obama [VIDEO]
  27. BEN CARSON Has NUKED NANCY PELOSI- She Will Never Recover From This!
  28. RNC’s Christmas Statement Draws Criticism on Social Media
  29. Defector Says North Korea Is Bullish on 2017 for Nuclear Program
  30. US says claim it supported IS in Syria is ‘ludicrous’
  31. ICYMI: President Obama wishes crowd Merry Christmas
  32. ICYDK: Texas State dance crew announces performance at Trump’s inauguration, receives backlash
  33. ICYMI: Trump suggests he may go ahead with Muslim ban after Berlin attack
  34. ICYMi: John McCain: We have a stake in Syria, yet we have done nothing
  35. ICYMI: Obama pulls regs that could have fueled ‘Muslim registry’ under Trump
  36. ICYMI: ‘It’s paying money to get to power’: Chris Cuomo destroys Conway for hypocrisy on Trump charities
  37. ICYDK: Trump releases ‘very nice letter’ from Putin
  38. Nigeria: Boko Haram is crushed, forced out of last enclave
  39. Recounts or no, US elections are still vulnerable to hacking
  40. GOP rep Duffy considering Senate run in 2018: report
  41. Newton Mayor Setti Warren is ‘strongly considering’ a 2018 run for governor