📌General Colin Powell Can Be Elected POTUS Tomorrow 📌Bernie Sander Brings Life-Sized Trump Tweet To Senate Floor 📌Scariest Abortion Restrictions To Watch in 2017 📌and More!

  1. 📌Colin Powell Can Be Elected President of The United States on January 6
  2. 📌Donald Trump’s Soft Spot for Russia Could Be His Political Undoing
  3. 📌GOP Lawmaker Asks Twitter To Vote On Whether Obamacare Should Be Repealed – It Brutally Backfires
  4. 📌Trump Twitter Ethics Forces GOP Congress To Keep Independent Ethics Committee, Vows To Drain The Swamp
  5. 📌Bernie Sanders just brought a giant Trump tweet to the Senate floor
  6. 📌Analysis: Health care battle could decide balance of power
  7. 📌The Scariest Abortion Restrictions To Watch For In 2017
  8. 📌President Obama and Democrats attempt to turn tables on GOP in health care debate
  9. 📌Julian Assange, Israel, Dylann Roof: Your Thursday Briefing
  10. 📌Ford isn’t adding U.S. jobs because of Donald Trump.
  11. 📌Ford CEO: Main reason for canceling Mexico plant was market demand, not Trump
  12. 📌Ford cancels Mexico plant. Will create 700 U.S. jobs in ‘vote of confidence’ in Trump
  13. 📌Ford canceling plans for $1.6 billion plant in Mexico, investing $700 million in Michigan expansion instead
  14. 📌Ford, Criticized by Trump, Cancels Plans to Build Mexican Plant
  15. 📌Donald Trump has been attacking companies, and the list is growing
  16. 📌Trump Gives Intelligence Agencies Their Daily Briefing
  17. 📌Biden partners with universities on domestic, foreign policy
  18. 📌Wikileaks’ Assange: Democrats lost the election because ‘they didn’t pick the strongest candidate’
  19. 📌Assange says a 14-year-old could have hacked Democratic emails
  20. 📌Russia has tried to interfere in elections for “years,” Democratic senator says
  21. 📌Ted Cruz Introduces Constitutional Amendment on Congressional Term Limits
  22. 📌Trump aide claims ‘huge movement’ of black voters to GOP
  23. 📌Omarosa Manigault Officially Joins Donald Trump’s White House Staff
  24. 📌Gingrich: Democrats know they’re under siege. Here’s what the GOP must do to stay ahead of them
  25. 📌Trump probably won’t let Obama go quietly
  26. 📌Don’t Forget That Megyn Kelly Is a Racial Demagogue
  27. 📌For immigrant ‘Dreamers,’ an uncertain future
  28. 📌Obama Promises To Keep Fighting For DREAMERS After Leaving The White House
  29. Jesus take the wheel. Please God, No. You know….this Donald Trump President elect fiasco is about to be the gateway and ‘spearheader’ to a rash of people feeling they can run a country based on popularity, power, or paper. The more (this about to KEEP happening) the more I’m growing appreciative of Congress. Although they gave President Obama unnecessary hell, with this rash of presidential political frivolousness and bullshit that’s about to be running for president going forward; it’s somewhat comforting to know that Congress is sort of that Ombudsman that can veto and thwart a president’s decisions. Don’t get me wrong, as someone how is unconventional, I’m all for non tradition. But we need to see how it works out with this superimposed new president we got imposing on us and tradition politics, first—before we start considering the random, rich, or popular feeling the ‘could be president’ simply because they are random, rich and well-known to the Mark Zuckerberg extent and beyond.  FURTHERMORE: Just like “you don’t have a right to complain if you don’t vote,”  you don’t have a right complain if you vote for silly, unsubstantiated bullshit, people, or the flight-by-night sht they pull and put forth.  Anyone who audiences, cheerleads, and embraces fckery that complains about Donald Trump being president doesn’t even REALIZE that not calling people on their bullsht along the way is the reason why Donald Trump is where here will be in 15 days from today. Whether we realize it or not, our social media and patterns (+ the way we all gave Trump the stage on it),  has VERY much to do with him being where he is at in 15 days, too. While we were playing around with him all these years, we paid NO attention to the fact that the electoral college reared its ugly head during the Bush administration and we should have been turning our attention to getting rid of it before this election…as well as-doing away with digital processing of the county’s votes-doing it ALL by had….even IF that meant we had to wait a week!  Let me tell you something. I work for the IRS over the years. EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. OF PAPER coming in to the IRS doors meets the hands of human beings, FIRST! There is an IRON CLAD hand processing and file system where reps sit at an octagon cube and section the paperwork off. Workers come around with carts and buckets sectioning that paperwork off, OLD FASHIONED date stamp,  and HAND DELIVERING it to the PROPER tax department so there are NO mistakes about claiming your taxes where never received or by what date! The IRS doesn’t even log that stuff by computer first, it’s all done by hand, in unmodern, old looking work areas–so you don’t even have a CHANCE to psychologically connect a modern office with a primitive process like such, baby! I KID YOU NOT! It looks like a bingo hall: Old looking dingy offices and walls and all! It don’t get ‘fancy’ and digital until it’s filed, stamped, logged and sent to—the nicer looking offices. Until then, at intake, it’s old fashioned, big hand stamper, hand processing of incoming mail-the the IRS rule! So should the voting system. And there would BE no ‘possible Russian interference.’ Anywho. Back to the headline that inspired my spiel: 📌Is Mark Zuckerberg Planning A Presidential Run?