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Kind of unnerving when a loose cannon President (of the U.S) who just so happens to be friendly “friends” with Russian ruler Vladimir Putin. 📌Kinda brings me back to what I said in this blog. While my appreciation of an outspoken person (whether president or pupil) is something I can appreciate over anybody feeding me fckery in order to be liked, still, it’s an uneasy feeling wondering what Trump would be willing to ‘negotiate’ at the expense of all Americans—for his personal gains and previous loyalties to people and countries who are enemies of the state. As unnerving [as this ship riding by] is, it would be ‘nice’ to think that, for the county, Trump decided it be best that he cut all ties and ‘loyalties’ to Putin-and perhaps this drive by was a signal—at him (personally). But either way, don’t come for us innocent Americans in the U.S.-take your dealings up with The Donald, dude.

Here are articles on this story–leading back (not just a day or two ago when the story circulated the news media_, but as far back as about a month ago:

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