📌What ‘Press’ Secretary Sean Spicer (and Trump) Need To Stop Doing NOW 📌What Every Meal Does To Your Immune System 📌Catch Up On The Story Behind Ketchup 📌Aziz Ansari’s Trump Monologue on SNL Hit Hard 📌and More!

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  15. 📌One woman reveals how she could die if she didn’t eat a calorific diet full of junk food
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  1. 📌Barack Obama Playing A Round of Retirement Golf
  2. 📌Trump’s Press Sec. Just Said The Inauguration Was The Biggest Ever. Twitter’s Response Is Hilarious
  3. 📌White House press secretary attacks media for accurately reporting inauguration crowds
  4. 📌SNL’s “shirtless Putin” just hilariously mocked Trump’s pathetic inauguration crowds
  5. Yawn. This makes me SO annoyed. You can’t run a country and be concerned with Twitter trolling and comforting a bruised ego over silly puns from the media–that can’t affect where you’re going when you’re already there. Seriously.  We gon’ meet you at the door with this and nip it in the bud: Dear Mr. “President.” Don’t waste taxpayers time with staff fighting bruised egos on effing social media and news media reporting ego swipes and all things having nothing to do with you as it concerns the country. Seriously? We will not stand for that. Do you know how many times former president Barack Obama & Michelle Obama have been trolled and blatantly disrespected on social media? And you’re worried about ‘what people say’ about how many people showed up to an event? Seriously? That’s really scary. When people (who aren’t even presidents) are this concerned about the opinions, likes and dislikes of people on social media, they move in (unnatural) ways to solely protect their ego from social media shun and scorn-so they’ll do (and say) annnnnnnnnnything to build a ‘way’ they want people to see and think of them. We do not need our “president” doing that with people’s lives on paperwork across his desk while he’s checking tweets for threats! My God. This is the silliest news ever! We can’t be bothered with a president chasing a bruised ego about social or television news stabs an ego. Really? Barack and Michelle Obama would have annoyed me doing it. You’re president of a country not a president of a high school class, dude. We should NOT be hearing about social media swipes and White House staff out swatting it. Geezel Peetes. Unbelievable-chasing this. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. The media (social and television) is going to have a field day with Trumps ego-he knew THAT “at the door.” A pompous, paranoid president with nuclear codes in hand and not in his right state is a DANGEROUS combo. TIP: It’s the media (social media and tv news media)’s job to solicit your attention for bullsht. As a president, (not “Donald Trump the business man”)…but as the PRESIDENT…it’s your DUTY to ignore it.
    📌Trump Administration Goes To War With The Media Over Inauguration Crowd Size
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