📌Trump To Force Inmates To Build That Wall? 📌Wanna Lose Weight? Stop Eating By Noon 📌British Man Gives Birth 📌World Travelers Among Florida Airport Shooting Victims 📌Celeb Bid Farewell In Emo Video To President Obama 📌Browns Hire Gregg Williams 📌and More!

The ‘strategy’ is simple: Treat the voting process and democracy like the IRS branch of government does overseeing its ‘ducketts’ when it’s checked in at the door:

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Stop wasting our time and beating a dead horse as if there is some kind of complicated strategy that merely requires a simple solutions in which thousands of Americans would be will to volunteer their time for free to do. I’m not buying the conversation overkill about it. Save your air time.

The solution is simple. There is no reason we need to be in such hurry to need to know who the next president will be overnight. Read more here / 29)

Anywho. Here are a few article drops this morning:

  1. 📌Obama: I didn’t underestimate the threats from Vladimir Putin
  2. 📌Congressional Black Caucus to be more aggressive under Trump
  3. 📌Obama taps longtime aide to oversee presidential records process
  4. 📌President Obama Says He and Donald Trump ‘Are Sort of Opposites’
  5. 📌Could Donald Trump Force Prison Inmates To Build Border Wall?


  1. WTF? 📌Customer still charged after a hurricane, canceled hotel and missed vacation
  2. 📌World travelers, social butterfly among Fla. airport victims (search reference: Esteban Santiago)
  3. 📌Traveler says laptop saved him during Florida airport shooting  (search reference: Esteban Santiago)
  4. 📌4 killed, 15 wounded in Jerusalem truck attack
  5. 📌He was proud to be the father of an enormous family — until he couldn’t feed them
  6. 📌Saudi Arabia says mosque attack planner killed in shootout
  7. 📌13 people die in a road crash in Pakistan
  8. 📌Mexicans march against gas price hike turns violent
  9. 📌’It wasn’t random’: The FBI is offering $20,000 for information on the shooting of a US consular official in Mexico
  10. 📌Just another Sunday? North Korea low key on Kim’s birthday
  11. 📌China’s IUD-removal offer elicits fury after reversal of ‘one-child’ policy


  1. 📌The 5 dirtiest things you touch every day
  2. 📌5 ways to take control of your chronic illness
  3. 📌Want to lose weight? Take the last meal of the day by mid-afternoon
  4. 📌Have you got the ketogenic diet all wrong? Here’s how to go about it
  5. 📌Counselling, antidepressant may improve personality disorders
  6. 📌’I walked my way back to sanity’: Bryony Gordon on starting a support group to beat mental illness
  7. 📌Will health care be disrupted?
  8. 📌High-fiber diet may help to cut inflammation caused by gout
  9. 📌Pregnant British man to be first to give birth after finding sperm donor
  10. 📌Tiny brain found inside ovary of 16-year-old girl
  11. 📌Treat yourself: Because even in January, you deserve a cheat day with something sweet
  12. 📌Italian roast chicken with peppers and olives
  13. 📌Get cosy in style this winter with these two off-beat soup recipes
  14. 📌And yet, who can argue when they are making some of the best cheese in the world?
  15. 📌Farro and Fresh Tomato Soup With Basil
  16. 📌What’s really in your Kit kat? More Kit Kat, it turns out


  1. 📌Kenny Goss to be involved in George Michael’s memorial service (more on George Michael at our sister site)
  2. 📌Prolific Author And Jazz Writer Nat Hentoff Dies At 91
  3. 📌Angelina Jolie Allegedly ‘Poisoning Children’ Against Brad Pitt Amid Bitter Custody Battle?
  4. 📌Trump celeb crew awaits his turn in spotlight, and their own (insert David Spade)
  5. 📌Sleep, mom time and English rock on menu for Globe nominees
  6. 📌Tom Hanks & More Celebs Pay Tribute To President Obama In Emotional Farewell Video
  7. 📌Jewelry, guns, photos net big numbers at Elvis auction
  8. 📌Rapper T.I. writes letter praising Obama
  9. 📌Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Documentary ‘Bright Lights’ Premieres on HBO (should HBO be cutting me a check or nah?)


  1. 📌I tried an insane laptop with three screens — here’s what it was like
  2. 📌The New Nokia Android Smartphone Has Been Officially Launched And We Are Excited!
  3. 📌Samsung Gear S3, Gear S2 and Gear Fit2 Officially Compatible with iOS Devices
  4. 📌Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2017 Award Winners
  5. iPhone 8 – The top 10 features we REALLY want to see in Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone


  1. 📌Browns expected to hire Gregg Williams as new defensive coordinator
  2. 📌Sunday Shootaround: Rudy Gobert breaks through his ceiling
  3. 📌No. 6 Kentucky pulls away from Arkansas in second half 97-71
  4. 📌WWE Rumors: Goldberg And Roman Reigns Teaming Up For Big Match At ‘WWE Fastlane’
  5. 📌Kurt Zouma fully focused on team goals as he makes comeback from ACL injury
  6. 📌KU’s Landen Lucas laughs off Texas Tech player’s flop-of-the-year attempt
  7. 📌Seahawks send Lions packing; face Falcons in playoffs next week