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Way to go! SOMEBODY hadda do it. Took a 9 year old. Shame on us.

📌…I already think AirBNB is totally, mad  weird anyways. And I don’t believe in cutting corners in comfort (relationships, travel or otherwise). Cutting corners for comfort (to me) is exclusive and best reserved ONLY for coupons to cut costs for my pockets-not cut cost for my safety, and sanity. I’m all for inventions and new ways to travel, but I have ZERO interest in staying in ANYBODY’s (personal) establishment while traveling. I don’t care HOW nice it is. People are voyeuristic, weird and nosy and I’d totally feel I was in a Norman Bates situation.

Just take my credit card, hand me a hotel, a bell, a woman in a uniform and some diva male in a suit at the front desk. Hand me a card key, a walk in and a phone to call for room service to immediately get fresh, new towels and bed sheets while I toss that funky, unwashed /drycleaned  thick comforter on the floor, Clorox wipes the remote down, kick my feet up and I’m good. But all of THIS: 

No thanks.  LoL.



  • Ongoing problems plague Delta airlines; hundreds of flights cancelled

Suspect in Sweden truck attack arrested

Former President George W. Bush raises HIV awareness in Africa



  • What happens to your brain when you get likes


📌…I SWEAR that’s so true-in such things becoming like a drug (and the danger behind it). You’ve probably seen me say: “A pull of social media pages for even a 30 day minimum would cause suicide everywhere.”

Something I’m touching on a (shortly) in a post to be uploaded over at our sister site, is that what’s tripling troubling about it playing (artificially intelligent) Jedi Mind Tricks with the human mind is that it’s just that: Artificial. It’s like we “like” things ‘just because’ and because there’s a reward in it for us, too: Visibility. That’s not to say when genuinely don’t “like” things that we ‘like’ but we can’t literally like my 800 word book excerpt that I dropped a post on just 5 second ago—that you haven’t even had time to read yet, yet; my dopamine levels raised off of an unreal thing—just like it would if I posted a mere 140 character post and you DID have time to read it. The triple danger of it is (in ADDITION) to those two factors I just mentioned (is the part I am touching in this crime story I’m posting over at our sis site today)—when there is a “reward” for something, (especially something we don’t have to be held accountable for) yet, the reward is visibility and being ‘counted’ that’s dangerous-especially where artificial intelligence habitually can make US ‘artificial’ (versus sincere) in our output (for the reward of input: visibility and to be counted).maslow's hierarchy of needs five stage pyramide

It’s psychological. As human beings programmed [for one of what psychology’s Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs says is] our sense of belongingness (which was on the books in psychology looooong before social media), along come artificial intelligence’s connection to social media affording us to be artificial (without being forced to be held accountable for sincerity).

Clear example-when I first started Facebook (2009). I have a FB filled with personal friends from [my School for Creative and Performing Arts] family, and some I grew up with or people who just know of me or me-them.

When I first joined FB, I was excited because the setup looked like unique way to dialogue (over a particular subject or premise in a post). And it does (provide that). As a writer, psych and philosophy major, writer and all around naturally interested person human behavior, I don’t care about your ‘like’ versus my interest in TRUE connection that requires a post back. Facebook provides that-and since beginning, that was the only thing/kind of connection I was interested in. But when it gets to a point where it becomes more “likes” over dialogue, I bounced (just like I did on my other Facebook page-with people I really don’t know).

I am just the kind of person that does not waste my time, thoughts or energy on superficial connection (that I have to frequent daily). I can be superficial to you so as to be kind without considering you my friend. But if our connection is superficial, at the end of the literal moment, I unplug for you until next time. I’m not interested in “connecting” beyond that. That’s best reserved for business dealings with equally shared stakes. But personally, I value my time like money and don’t waste it on involving myself in things/associations that deplete my mind. My whole EVERYTHING I create and stand for relies heavily on my mind and it being ‘sound,’ sane and secure, versus rattled or co-dependent, insecure because of artificial action, reaction and interaction.

I humbly state this: I’m acutely aware that “I’m dope”–at everything I do.  I don’t need, and am not interested in artificial intelligence triggering a form of synthetic dopamine in my brain’s center—forcing me to be addicted to and output (“likes”) for its reward of input (visibility and to be counted) for something that may or may not be true and sincere that you don’t even have to be held accountable for (via real commentary and dialogue).

Do you realize how many people can’t function, seek, and stay in search of likes etc?

Social media already controls your mind and thinking, with words like: “follower,” “friend,” “unfriend,” “like,” “unlike.” It already sets the psyche to feel inferior and needy with how it initiates and solicits. And if you’re not conscious and smart about it, it control your mind and traps you into being co-dependent on it to motivate you and make you feel alive. I see it everyday. Social media does NOT control me, and if you follow me, I’m sure you know that. But don’t take it personally.

That’s dangerous (for reasons I just explained) and weird to me. And no matter how strong we think we are, it does a number on the mind. The mind is NOT your friend. You HAVE to control IT or IT will control YOU.

Like’s control you mind and too, controls YOU—how you move, IF you move and HOW you feel about yourself.hierarchy of needs

I steered clear of that a longgggg time ago. Anybody from either of my FB pages will tell you: “She aint been over here in years.” Like..if I post a header picture, I’m not posting a header picture for your “like….” I’m just posting a header picture! Don’t “like” it. You’re better off (to me) asking about the sweat I have on or crack a joke via a post. We’ere TOTALLY programmed, either way. And it’s NOT mentally healthy.

Twitter (via hashtags, words and keywords) goes out to the world (versus the closed ceilings of a set number of the world on a FB page). And I preferred that over FB (and because I don’t like the energy of FB-period. Like, at AT ALL). 

This stuff is deeper than many understand and it’s mad real. You HAVE to protect yourself and your mind to hold on to your SOUL, SPIRIT, and SELF-ESTEEM.

If you don’t, these ‘people’ out here on social media will own you and so will your own mind. 

Anywho. Lastly, jusssssst like he explains in the first 1 minute of the video: (Aside from running a country) Unpredictability is the REAL MVP.

I swear by that, too. Jus’ sayin.’

REMEDY FOR THE PROBLEM: Social media makes people weirder (and more insecure, and surviving/dependent on false sense of self) by the day. I’m not as interested in a “like” as I like true connection, commentary, and dialogue (hence the birth of SelfieStyleStories.com-a different brand of “social” and “media”). It’s healthier and you can learn so much from bouncing off of each other. The fact of the matter is: social media is here to stay. It’s a new way of life. It will NOT be resisted. It is molded and sewn into world function and fabric now. But you HAVE to not let that fact fck up your mind and life. You HAVE find healthier ways to TRULY be ‘social’ in ‘media’ and I’m hoping SelfieStyleStories does that.