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  • No. The Westminister Dog Show didn’t pick some bleached, well-groomed, lashed, funny-built pooch this year. It was a regular old German Shepherd named “Rumor.” I am humbled 😄😂. 📌Rumor the German Sheppard wins Best in Show
  • American Girl announces its first boy doll   📌Unnecessary distraction and wastes of the public’s mind’s time. Not only is this not necessary for a boy to have simply because we are pushing certain agendas and movement regarding sex and gender roles, but the damn doll doesn’t even have an educational values. Does he spit math equations and read to kids? Then why people, dollmaker, whyyyyyyyyyyy?😄😂   On a serious note however, my Gender Roles & Society UC professor (Dr. Dzeich) would kill me to know that I wouldn’t have an opinion on this and my opinion is this: While I can appreciate the fact that we need to diversify our roles to create better “understanding”  (despite our fights on gender role issues and rights) society has already gone on with and engraved in stone the basic role of boys v. girls and men v. women. Unfortunately, as our kingdom society set up at startup, diversifying roles wasn’t a factor and (unfortunately?) the world formed and adheres to these societal norms So in 2017, and even with another “kingdom” (the digital kingdom) being thrown at us, we already HAVE 2 kingdoms! And at this point, this, to me, doesn’t serve a useful purpose if it didn’t come with something useful in it-like the doll talking to teach something to boys. Welp. Hello my next invention. Shrugs. Provisional Patent sent today.  No, seriously. Done. I’m thinking: Yeah…we can reach the kids who are still kids and well…more boys will be born. I’ma catch ’em early 🙂
  • 📌LoL at these ignorant “hate groups” being inspired by the overkill of Trump being branded ‘racist’ when rich people [like Trump-who’s never been poor] are different level of ‘racists’ (to classist, elitist and egregious degrees) that too—even think middle class (and especially poor white trash racists are trash-complete and utter trash). Anywho, here’s the article that inspired my mini-rant: Southern Poverty Law Center says American hate groups are on the rise . Note: Racism is a result of ignorant, low class thinking and rationalizing. I wrote some good explanations and on it but yeah…add this subject to my overcrowded white board list of podcasts I have to record. Podcast title: “Racists Need To Know That All Racists Aren’t Created Equal Same”






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