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Cool It: You Don’t Have to Be on Every Social Media App 📌( I SWEAR by this. It’s just a distraction and cheap camouflage for the work we really AREN’T doing. Remove all social media app chatter and rhetoric and head straight to their core: Their website. That is the truth about what is ACTUALLY being done (versus camouflage and said via social media) Truth is: One main social media app/website (like Twitter-because its hashtags extend further than a max 5,000 closed ceiling that Facebook provides), and ONE website is really all a brand/business needs. Any live video can be posted to your website along with all content. And one Twitter (or Facebook account-whichever your prefer) is all you need (to send it out to the world). The object of the game is to keep people knowing ONE main place to find and know everything you are:

  • buying
  • selling
  • showing
  • telling

…and THAT place should be your very own website. And if you have more than one-simply make it visible on it. Period. Dot. Don’t believe the hype, smoke and mirrors and otherwise.


Your most sincere and TRUEST supporters will NOT follow you around from site to site-they don’t have time/ Their interest in you is substantial. They want you solid and planted in ONE spot to be found. People who have lots of time on their hands WILL follow you from site to site-because they have time! It helps them pass time on social media! Fair exchange is no robbery. So they’ll tend to all that time that YOU ACTUALLY HAVE to lend do to no REAL ACTION-just “acting” (or “talking” or “saying”). Not to say that ALL their ‘support’ is unreal, but they will be wherever you’re at too, as well,  to be seen and hopefully be seen BY who may see where you’re at. So, they got time. And too, like you, will make time. Your TRUE supporters will NOT stand for all that hippity hopping.



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