📌6 Personal Branding Rules You Need To Know + Why We Need To Humble Ourselves To The Root of How & Why We Exist As A Brand 📌Brands Can Produce Native Ads On Facebook More Effectively 📌and More!


One of the things that frustrates me to no end is when entrepreneurs strive too hard to build a personal brand or become an influencer before they work on building a company. (quote of author of the above mentioned article)

A-MEN. I was JUST saying that. No truer words have been spit than in that (above mentioned) article! Down to the word and syllables, that ENTIRE article was the THEE BEST article I’ve read about branding and marketing, while on social media, that I’ve concurred with in a LONGGGGGGGGGGG time.

Every single thing I was saying in these tweets are laid out in details in that ONE short article.

But let’s talk remedies and solutions:

The NUMBER ONE way to tell if your concern with building a personal “brand” and being an ‘influencer’ is greater than your focus on building a company (a REAL company/business for your brand is): Would you still be standing if Twitter, Facebook, IG, Snapachat were taken away?

The Internet itself is here to stay.

Social media is its own thing onTO the Internet).

Everybody that claims to support you on social media (as well as those that don’t or are quiet and support you from afar) all have access to the Internet.

So, with that being the case, could your “brand” or “business” survive on the Internet if there was no social media?

If the answer is ‘no’ (or even the greater percentage of that answer is ‘no’), that means your focus is too much on social media shenanigans and jargon versus, (seriously) making your brand a business (a REAL business).

Grass roots advertising and marketing was something real brands used and grew on long before the Internet and before social media. Real (household name) “brands” were grass roots long before “brand” became the social media jargon we throw around to sound important.  Recipients of your grass roots marketing will make their way on to the Internet (in search of what your personal site says it has to offer them).
So with  no grass roots marketing such that people would not log on the INTERNET to support you (if there was no social media), then you DEFINITELY couldn’t call yourself a “brand” or “business” in the real world (independent of social media).

Social media “branding” and “business” is like the Kerry Washington’s to your favorite reality star: While your favorite reality star may walk the same red carpets as the Kerry Washington’s, the fact of the matter is [that] reality stardom vs. real actors is that reality stardom is the minimum wage of the television business as a whole: A way was made for companies to allow camera time for cheap-without having to pay the experts (real actors, writers etc). and without the added expense of marketing/advertising as, social media provides realty stars the platform to do their own advertising). But the REALITY  is just like Twitter’s @Jack and Mark’s Facebook’s provide the platform advertise and market in, the Viacom’s provide your favorite reality star to get camera time because THEY make mor money (than they would for the expensive of scripted tv with experts and pros).

But if the Viacom’s decided to get back to paying for real television, there’d be no “reality star.”

And if the Jack’s and Mark’s pulled the plug on Twitter and Facebook, you’d be no “brand” or have no “business.”

Get it?

Always humble yourself to the truth and root of your existence and why and how you exist.

TBH. Social media “brands” and “businesses” and “reality stars” have THEE most entitled, arrogant, DISRESPECTFUL attitudes I’ve ever seen.

What you have or achieved since/as a result of reality television (or social media), doesn’t really matter-at the end of the day and bigger scheme of things.

Because Viacom, Mark and Twitter could either start charging you (to the point that you can’t function) or toss you altogether (by pulling the plug and cutting your lights out).

The ONLY remedy to that is to do and re-route all that you do and say you are right back to YOUR OWN DOMAIN. Period. Dot. Which too, goes back to the question: Will they come? Why? What do they NEED from you (while on the Internet)?

Please take that ‘word’ with the sweetest spoon of sugar.