📌Parents of Successful Kids Have This In Common 📌Samsung Urges Customers To Turn Switch To ‘Off’ 📌Photos Of Overdosing Heroin Addicts Helpful or Nah? 📌Does Earth Next Door Neighbor Have A Breathable Atmosphere? 📌 and more!

  1. A Weekly Summary of Top Content from Marshall, September 5-9, 2016
  2. Science Says Parents Of Successful Kids Have These 16 Things Common 
  3. Harsh Parents Raise Bullies–So Do Permissive Ones
  4. 3 Percent Of People Might Not Be Able To Recognize Voices
  5. In the Bonobo World, Female Camaraderie Prevails
  6. Take In Every Little Detail of This Melting Flat Screen TV
  7. The iPhone 7’s Tagline Means Something Slightly Naughty In Hong Kong
  8. The photos of an overdosing couple in Ohio won’t help anyone — especially addicts
  9. The ‘Earth next door’ may have a breathable atmosphere – and we could find out in 2 years
  10. Colliding Black Holes Tell the New Story of Stars
  11. Samsung urges Note 7 users to switch off, turn in phones
  12. NASA’s Orion Capsule on Course for 2018 Trip Around the Moon
  13. Mars rover Curiosity views spectacular layered rock formations
  14. In The Battle To Save Frogs, Scientists Fight Fungus With Fungus
  15. These wildflowers are so rare, botanists are keeping their location a secret
  16. Archaeologists find ancient tombs in Peru hinting at human sacrifice
  17. NASA might have just spotted the slowest spinning magnetar ever
  18. Farewell, Rosetta: space mission to end on collision course with comet
  19. Man captures photo of light beaming off One World Trade Center
  20. Three Nations Create Giant Reserves for Ocean Life
  21. First Dolphins Killed in Japan’s Notorious Hunt