See Twin Two-Year Old Toddlers Re-Enact Scene From “Frozen” – You Won’t Believe This Cuteness

If it’s 3 things I love and you follow me, you know it’s: guacamole, Bruce Lee movies on a Sunday afternoon in thick wooly socks with my feel tucked in the couch, old people and babies. Children are awesome at mimicry. They are live tape recorders. I love observing the behavior of kids before the are bombarded with rules of the world, etiquette and all things they could care less about in their little lives before age 5.

Jusssssssssssssst when I thought nothing could get cuter than this…

This happens:

“Two-year-old Maddie and Scarlett from Philadelphia who can barely manage themselves performed the entire opening scene of Frozen to the T. With flawless timing, synchronisation, hand gestures and the fact that each twin has taken on a specific role, one as Anna and the other as Elsa, it’s actually mesmerising. Colleen Jordan shared the video of Maddie and Scarlett, aged two, flawlessly mimicking Frozen characters Anna and Elsa, on Monday. The video shows  ….finish reading here and our friends at ABCPhiladelphia twin toddlers re-enact scenes from 'Frozen'