[Spiel] Taylor Swift To Make A Statement About Her “Reputation?”

Your character is who you really are—when no one’s watching.

Opposite character, caricature is who you pretend to be—because everyone’s watching.

And well, your reputation is what people think you are—either way.

If anybody can be a testament to such is one such pop star who just testified that her reputation was NOT who a radio DJ [or anybody else for that matter] thinks she is.


In 2013 while attending a star-studded shin dig, Swift struck a pose with a Denver disc jockey who took it upon himself to dig and grin.

According to Taylor, the moment in the photo op captured everything and explained why she distanced herself apart from him.

By contrast, the DJ claims his hand graced her ribs. He-she. She-say, regardless, the judge ruled in her favor.

While it was the pop star who swiftly got it poppin where the DJ was rockin,’ (by informing his employer of what he did).

In 2015, needless to say, he was ultimately fired and in turn, filed a lawsuit on Taylor who swiftly rised to a different kind of occasion she used to showing up for.

Mueller’s lawsuit was for millions.

Taylor’s: $1.00.

Point proven: It’s about principals over paper.

And any fool could look right at the picture and tell that his hand was at a level it shouldn’t have been. (Obviously) while it was would have been quite the still for the dumb jock DJ to remember (and laugh with his buddies about: It going down in history with his circle of friends how Taylor let him grab her a$$), it didn’t sit still with Taylor who made sure to give his night a swift kick it the a$$ pronto.

So what would possess some DJ to dare do such a thing?

Dare I say it? Her… “reputation” perhaps.

Let’s kick the ballistics, shall we?

She said sang it herself: “I’ve got a long list of ex-lovers” …(from Kennedy royalty to bad boys might I add):

Taylor Swift and Connor Kennedy

It’s no secret that Taylor had a long list of lovers (alleged or otherwise).

In the eyes of many, Taylor was most probably beginning to look (not only) like the girl’s girl and favorite BFF and to other girls (a girl’s worst nightmare) but to guys (like the DJ) perhaps a “good time girl.”


TAYLOR SWIFT Confesses Her Love for ED SHEERAN At Brit Awards –In Front of His Date / Girlfriend


After Tom Hiddleston and WhateverHerNextBoo’s name was after him, even I said (to myself): “Whoever this guy is and if Taylor’s really serious about being loved (for who she is behind all that’s ‘out there’) she should date him in private-fall back.”

It was like the “girl God’s” heard my outcry and for many months and Sunday’s, Taylor just disappeared into oblivion.

Fast forward.

With the trial behind her and a cool $1.00 richer, the “Blank Pages” popstar is embarking upon a chapter.

Having erased all memories of old Twitter and Instagram posts on the August 21, 2017 day the world experienced a solar eclipse and Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart rang, today, Taylor bounced back with the announcement of her long-awaited, soon to be album appropriately titled: Reputation-reminiscent of a young Janet Jackson once upon a time taking back control of her life and career-declaring and proclaiming “it’s all about ‘control’ and I’ve got lots of it.”

Taylor Swift is doing the same—by taking back (control of) her reputation: November 10.


With her being out of the spotlight for a while, we haven’t the slightest clue if she’s dropped her latest boo or single, but word is-she’s dropping one—from her Reputation: