MSN and Yahoo Avatar: explicit language signAnd well, in the words of my son’s fave [Ice Cube circaaaaaaaaaa the 90s]: “I’d never have dinner with the President. “I’d never have dinner with the President. “I’d never have dinner with the President…and when I see you’re a$$ again I’d be hesitant!” (3:49 to 3:59):


Don’t sleep on the team name: “Patriots.” Many of them WON’T be patriot-like and going—The White House.  Here’s the back story (about these next 3 article headlines ICYDK):

Since their big Super Bowl win-them being the winner, [The New England Patriots] were invited to the White House. The problem is-all the boys won’t be going. Need we belabor the obvious reasons why? LoL.

For (literal) record for those who couldn’t help but listen to the whole track. It’s one of my heartfelt favorites by Ice Cube. Despite the strong language and passion, it’s true life and has quite the story behind it—much of which you can piece together via write some ups I did at ToriSpilling’s sister site)

Oh…those 3 articles:

P.S.S😄😂 I LOVE my job, being a part of media, and what I do. I have the BEST time reading all this stuff and putting it together!

Carry on: