Do you take inventory of how much time you spend globe-trotting around the Internet in search of news and information and how much from your time, it’s taking? is having a GREAT time working hard at respecting our readers time. YOU oughta join us!

Time management (for ourselves and out of respect for our reader’s time) is the main reason for ToriSpilling moved to ’round the clock subscription.

That way you can be in receipt OF receipts of what’s going on in your world-current events, what’s trending, and relevant news and information essential to the respect for, and of your quality of life (and time).

Without having to think to:

  • Google-search it (and remember what to search)
  • be bombarded by ever-changing and descending graphic content/visuals, busy, distracting, (more often than not) fruitless commentary, and hateful, subliminal and vicious rhetoric
  • and yielding search-engine results put forth to you (selected by algorithms that you care nothing about when all what you are after is the news/story)

… does all the thinking, searching FOR YOU.

We KNOW you just want the story but you just don’t REALIZE the hours of distractions subtracting from you while trying to get TO those stories.

At, we simply list (by category) all news stories and post them ’round the clock (for our subscribers)-ready to select, read and log back in to 24/7/365!

No changing, descending graphics.

Our resources pull news and information within 3 minutes of any and all news and information sources that press “publish” onto the world wide web (www) anywhere in the WORLD! It rolls down to us in threads all day everyday. We pull from those sources, and carefully and strategically select, categorize, then list it for your information, use, or entertainment.



Reclaim YOUR time.

If it’s good enough for Auntie Maxine, it’s should be essential to you, too.

Reclaim your time from having it wasted being bombarded with a slush pile of crap to occupy, waste and DISTRACT (or from forcing to have you try and remember what you heard in order to search and find it).

We’ve got your covered.

We give (our subscribers) everything current and relevant-from the best to the worst world news to wellness and self-care…and yes, even some entertaining news, too:






So as you see.

Yeah, we’re a (honest, straight-forward, opinionated) wild bunch here. Yes, we get it poppin’ ’round these parts. But too, we put the kind of respect “respecK” on our subscriber’s, mind and time that we command of OSFMag’s brand and the name.


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Thank you!