📌Facebook Buys ‘The Eye Tribe’–A Tracking Company. Go Figure… 📌Amazon Echo On The Stand For A Murder Case? 📌Stress Reducing Secret To Being More Successful 📌14 Habits That Keep Top Execs On Top 📌and More!


  1. 📌Facebook already owns your spirit, self-esteem, heart, mind tongue and life–now it’s one step closer to owning souls, esophagus,’ lungs, spleens, corneas and all:  Facebook acquires eye tracking company The Eye Tribe
  2. 📌An Amazon Echo may be the key to solving a murder case
  3. 📌Alexa, whodunit? Amazon Echo data could play part in murder case
  4. 📌T-Mobile rolls out update to shut down remaining Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones
  5. 📌Speak up, robot: Cops wants data from Amazon Echo device for murder case
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  15. 📌The must-have apps for your new Android smartphone
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