This Just In: INDIA Claims To Have ZIKA VIRUS Vaccine


In case you didn’t know, India has been working overtime garnering attention to its country that for many, for so long, only have thought of it as a “poor country.”


Lately, they have been building attractive things like underwater restaurants and high-tech transportation systems with the zeal of getting themselves prepared for the next Olympic Games bid! I’ve been watching them.

Right up under our noses, India is slowly working its way to becoming the next Dubai.

Well, while watching them, I saw something else today: India right now is the alleging they have a real, live (preventive) “cure” for the South American bred Zika virus—that’s already made its way over into the U.S.-moonlighting as an STD as well.

If you remember a couple days ago (February one), Other Side of the Fame broke the story about (not just what just what was redundantly circulating in the blogsphere and television news: that the Zika virus was near), but too-after researcher further, we found that the Zika Virus had a double-duty: disease-transmitted sexually.

Knowing that we (or doctors and researchers alike) know nothing about this disease AND virus (outside of the obvious birth defect and a few symptoms of rash, red eye and fever); we have to admit: Such a new