📌Wells Fargo Exec’s Big Payday 📌Household Income Median Grew in 2015 📌Oprah Loses $117m 📌1Phone 7 Verdict Is In 📌Samsung Exploding Phone Issue Yields $26b in Losses 📌Grocery Prices Fallen Over Past 8 Mos📌One Unbreakbale Rule In Business Writing 📌 Real Income Gains Are Brief & Hard To Find In America 📌 Autopilot Saves Unconscious Pilot 📌and more!

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  21. Median incomes are up and poverty rate down, surprisingly strong census figures show
  22. Median income jumps 5.2% in 2015
  23. Household income in 2015 grew at fastest rate on record
  24. Census Bureau: Poverty Rate Down, Median Incomes Up
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  30. 160912183940-income-poverty-census-man-image-780x439$124 million payday for top Wells Fargo exec
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  32. Wells Fargo exec of fined division gets big payday, report says
  33. Wells Fargo fired 5,300 workers for improper sales push. The executive in charge is retiring with $125 millionChina to spend $1 trillion on 6,810 new aircraft
  34. Wells Fargo drops sales goals tied to bogus account scandal
  35. Wells Fargo is eliminating certain sales goals after settlement over aggressive tactics
  36. Watch the F-16’s Autopilot Mode Save an Unconscious Pilot’s Life
  37. Watch autopilot save an unconscious jet pilot from a fatal crash
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