📌Menage et Tot: Viola! The First 3-Person Baby? 📌10 Healthiest Places To Live In America 📌Modern Family Casts First Transgender Child Actor 📌Where ‘Personal Responsibility’& Obesity Are Concerned-Check Your ‘Privilege’ At The Door 📌MLK III Says His Dad Would Have Challenged Trump & Hillary Both 📌Honey, This May Fight UTI 📌Trumps Sniffling Called To The Carpet 📌and more!



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2. Rob Kardashian Leaks Kylie’s Digits Over Baby Shower Gone Way Wrong

3. Rob Kardasian Tweets Kylie Jenner’s Real Cell Phone Number 

4. Rob Kardashian Lashes Out at Kylie Jenner by Posting Her Phone Number on Twitter

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8. Katy Perry Tried Voting Naked And It Didn’t Go So Well

9. Watch Brand New Will & Grace 2016 Election Scene

10. ‘Modern Family’ Casts Transgender Child Actor

11. ‘Modern Family’ Will Feature First Transgender Child Actor

12. 19 WTF Moments From the First Presidential Debate

14. Presidential Debate — Best Coverage Award … ‘Thanks a Lot Bitch’ Reporter

15.Bob Dylan Plots Massive 36-Disc Set of 1966 Live Recordings

16. Martin Luther King III — Dad Would Have Challenged Donald AND Hillary






















































  1. New theory on how insulin resistance, metabolic disease begin
  2. AMEN: People living in poverty are busy trying to survive and stay sane and fight to be a little happy. Go the hell with your judgment:          Check Your Privilege Before Talking About Obesity and Personal Responsibility poverty-privilege
  3. Manuka honey could stave off catheter-associated UTIs
  4. Dilute honey ‘may fight urine infections’
  5. What’s Going on With Trump’s Sniffling? Oh. This is jus karma for attacking Hillary’s health and trying to make it a big issue then political capability issue:
  6. How Arnold Palmer Hit A Hole In One With His Signature Drink
  7. First ‘three person baby’ born using new method 
  8. Researcher Uses CRISPR To Edit DNA Of Healthy Human Embryos In Controversial World First
  9. Doctors Encouraged To Use Medications To Treat Alcohol Abuse
  10. Trump sniffles becomes a social media meme
  11. This is what happened to me when I rode a rollercoaster 17x too many but, researchers say it does have its benefits on kidney stones: Research Finds Thrilling Cure for Kidney Stones: Roller Coasters 
  12. How being alone may be the key to rest 
  13. Beef, Veal, Bison Products Voluntarily Recalled After E. Coli Outbreak 
  14. 10 healthiest places to live in America (hint: no capital cities made the cut) 
  15. BYE bobblehead!: Arts And Craft Beers: Brewers Draw Drinkers’ Eyes With Snazzy Tap Handles 
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  17. Hunt for three million ‘ghost’ patients 
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  21. Polluted air affects 92% of global population, says WHO  
  22. Measles Has Been Eliminated in the Americas, WHO Says